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Ringing in ear, lump below ear and arm numbness

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  • Posted By: Seth H
  • February 7, 2008
  • 01:17 AM

I don't know if this is the correct place to post this question. I am new to this forum and just found it so I hope this is correct.

This is a long and sorted story, so I will try to make it brief.

On Thursday January 11, I started filling really sick and my ear started getting stuff and my sinus felt really stuffy to and I started getting a slight numbness in my arm. I went to the cvs minute clinic and the rn there took a look at me and said you have an ear infection. Gave me Amoxicillin and Ciavulanate Potassium as an antibiotic to clear it up and told me to stay on my Claritin. Well I was feeling so bad I forgot I was immune to any pencillian based antibiotic. I went through the weekend and on Monday I started to filling a real tingling in my pinky and ring finger and then my entire under arm started going numb, at the same time my left side of my face (the side where ear infection was) started to go numb, I got blurred vision and about an hour later I started to get chest pains and the whole left side of my body went completely numb. About 12 oclock that night everything subsided and I went to bed. The next morning I woke up filing about the same as I did went I went to bed, still had some minor chest pains, tingling in my pinky finger and ring finger, swelling in face and around sinus area. Also at cvs that night I took my blood pressure and it was really high like 151 over 100.

So after long thought, since I don't have insurance I went to the er to get it checked out to see if it might be a heart attack or stroke. The did an ekg, blood work, lung xray, mri of head and neck. The er doctor came back in several hours later and felt behind my ear, and said he ruled out heart attack or stroke everything looked fine. He said that my mastoids where filled with fluid. Gave me some shoots of steriods and antibiotics and gave me a perscription for steroids a 5 day blister pack of Methylprendlsolone. The next day started to filling a little better, was to see an ent later on for a follow up. Called the orginal cvs rn and had her switch me to Eurthromician because at that point I started to fill better and remembered that penucillian based antibiotics had not effect on me. And she also gave me nasal chrome and acetasol hc ear drops. Around this time also started pumping down, echinacea with goldseal, extra vitamin c and zinc. Along with Collidile Silver. To fight off all the infection.

Took all of the eurthromician and the steriods started filling a little better but still dizzy, light headed, couldn't get the ringing out of my ear and still getting numbness in arm. About this time I noticed a lump right under my ear above my jaw. I went to the ent and told him what was going on and he thought I was crazy said that numbness of the arm couldn't be related to anything. Told him about the er doctor thinking it might be mastoiditis. So the ent told me to see my regular doctor, well haha. I don't have a regular doctor never have. So, I went to someone that a friend referred me to in the same hospital facility as the ent and er. She took a look at me, looked at the blood work from the er, the mri from the er and all and diagnosed me with anxiety disorder. Gave me a prescription for xanax and gave me the # of a therapist.

Then last week I came of the antibiotics on Wednesday, things had gotten a little better, still had the real bad stopped up sinus, ear ringing, slight numbness in left arm and still that lump under my ear and behind my jaw. So at this point stayed on the collidilal silver, extra vitamin c, echinacea with golden seal and zinc. Also doing a needy pot with echinacea and colidial silver in it. Started to filling better but not back to full strength by Friday. Thought it might something dental related. So went to the dentist on Monday and he did 3 root canals two on the left upperside. Thought wow this must be the cause of everything. Well that is what brings me here today.

It is Wednesday, I still have the ringing in my ear, slight tingling in ring finger and pinky, stuffiness in sinus area, and the lump under my ear and behind jaw, also today started to get pain in my ear. This monring I called the ent and told him things hadn't cleared up and so he changed things around on me, put me on a stronger antibiotic, Clarithromycin, told me to switch off clariton-d and go on to zrytexc, told me to swtich the decongestant to normal sudified and go on mucinex. I am still doing the needy pot, garling with salt water with some collidal silver in it, rinising mouth out with hyrdogene peroxide and also started putting hydrogene perxoide in ear to kill things.

I am sick and tired of this 3 different doctors and a dental visit and still things are getting worse. Can someone tell me what is going on, please. Sorry for the misspelling and the general randomness, I am exhausted trying to fight this thing and cant get any relief. I am self employed and have not been able to work the whole month and I am going broke with this thing. Some one please help.



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