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Right flank pain since last year and no dianosis.

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  • Posted By: kra3690
  • January 19, 2008
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There is no short way of putting my entire story, so here it goes. And i will tell you all my problems and symptoms because i do not know if they have anything to do with the pain of my right side.

I will start off by saying that ever since i was a baby i have had troubles with my stomach and bowel movements. I have been hospitalized way too many times for constipation. Ive tried all kinds of medication, fiber pills, metamucil, softeners, mineral oil and milk of magnesia when i was younger, dulcolax pills, and miralax. The only thing that seems to help with constipation is if i take laxatives...which is not always healthy...and to be honest they are quite painful, all of them, be it pills or liquid or powder. I was finally told that i have IBS. To be truthful, i think the doc only told me that because he didn't know what else it could be.
So first question, is he right?

I had a Laparoscopic Fundoplication done in January of last year. I had extreme acid reflux and had it since i was in the 7th grade (i am now 20 years old). I had tried all kinds of medication and they would help but eventually wore off faster and faster. Had every test done and showed that i had GERD. So thats why they did the surgery.
Since the surgery i have been non stop burping. It doesnt' matter what i eat or drink, i am constatnly burping....and was never really able to burp before the surgery. My doctor doesn't know why because on all the people that he's done the surgery on, they can't burp or throw up at all. With my consitpation problems, ive gotten so sick from taking laxatives that it makes me throw up a little....with this surgery i thought i wasn't suppose to be able to throw up.
Second question, why do i still burp, throw up a little when i get sick, and still have heart burn?

After the surgery, around the end of March, i started getting pain on my right side (flank pain). Certain foods/drinks nor different daily actions contributed to this pain. The pain is quite hard to explain, its just severe and breath taking when it comes. There is also no certain length that it lasts. The only thing that seems to help is laying down, or sitting down. When it first came, i couldn't walk around for long or do anything for a lenthy period of time before the pain. I would have to stop what i am doing and sit/lay down. If i was not able to sit or lay i woul have to deal with it until i was able to, which would make me dizzy, lightheaded, sweaty, and sick to my stomach. I finally went to the doctors, which actually was my surgeon doctor, and i went through just about every test that he could think to do that would be able to find out what it is. (CT scans, X-rays, Ultrasounds, blood tests, urine tests, endoscopies, colonoscopies, IVP, etc..) He tried giving me pain medications: Vicodin, Darvocet, Percocet, Valium, and extra strength tylenol, and none of these worked. Although the only one that seem to have some affect was Valium, and i think thats only because it made me sleepy, and when im sleepy i don't think about the pain. But he thought that was weird because he said there is no muscle there, only my liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.
We finally talked about having my gallbladder removed. I looked it up on the internet and i had all of the symptoms, plus my doc and everyone else thought that it was the issue. So, i had that removed in July of last year. Right after i healed from the surgery the pain was still there. He then had me go through the same tests that i had already been through and everything was the same. I got so frustrated and it got so bad that i would go to the ER and they wouldn't do anything for me, but tell me that i had a bladder infection, or UTI. I began to think that something was wrong being that "had" about 5 UTI's within about 4 months.
I finally went to a regular doctor, not my surgeon doc, and he finally began to go on the right track of something. He told me that they have found blood in my urine everytime ive had a urine test done. None of the ER docs/nurses ever told me this, they just said i had an infection and gave me antibiotics. He had me do two more UTI's spread apart and in between the two i took a different antibiotic. They still came back with blood in it. (wasn't just a little bit of blood. it was an extreme amount everytime) He sent me to a Urologist, and that was when i had the cystoscopy done. Supposidly that came back fine. Reason why i say that is because all the nurses and the doc said that i wouldn't feel anything during this but pressure. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs, and couldn't pee afterwards, and when i did it hurt extremely bad and it took me forever. He was at a dead end because he said no other test would have anything to do with my side pain.
Also: An hour after i had the Cystoscopy, i started having a stomach ache. Thought it was a regular stomach ache, so i went to the bathroom to try and go. I started getting really bad pains and cramps, got hot/sweaty, dizzy/lightheaded, and pale. I screamed for doctors, and a bunch of people came in to get me. I ended up passing out (don't know for how long), but when i faintly woke up i realized that i couldn't lay still at all because the pains were so sharp and i was screaming. They couldn't even get an IV in me. The pain would go away for like 10 min then come back at full force, then go away and so on. They took X-rays, and nothing. Finally gave me some medicine that slowly knocked me out. They had no idea what happened. Doc said only thing he could think of was bladder spasms. I never had the pain again after that day.
Since the Cystoscopy i have had bladder issues. I used to be able to hold my bladder for a while and all through the night. Now, when i have to go, i HAVE to go. If i don't and try to hold it longer, it starts hurting and sending pain to my side. And when i go, if i have tried to hold it longer than i can, it will kind of hurt, send sharp shooting pains to my bladder and my side and upper leg will have small cramps.
Third question: Why do i have bladder issues now? And why does it send pain to my side? Do you think this has anything to do with my pain??

This side pain was so bad that i had to quit my job as a sales associate because i couldn't do the standing, walking, and getting up and down thing. I have no money to pay my bills, and am becoming very frustrated at all of this. I have been trying to get a sit down job of some sort but no one seems to want to hire me. I am only 20 years old and cannot seem to have a life anymore.

During the holidays, i went up to MI for about a week. My side pain only came twice while i was there. When i came back, and as days passed, i began to realize that my pain hasn't came at all. I began to do things again, like shopping, walking, and just try to stay a little busy. Until the other day, my pain came back and at full force. Since last Monday when it came, it has came back here and there but not as strong, but still gets bad enough to where i have to sit down. Since i have been jobless, i haven't been doing anythning but getting rest everyday. If you heard my daily routine you would think im lazy, but im only doing nothing because everytime i go to do something the pain comes and i have to stop.
So, what do i do about this? Every doctor that i see does the same tests and they all come back fine. They're all at a dead end. ( I will say that the doctors that i see are all on base...Wright Patterson Medical Base - Ohio.) And to me, they just seem like they don't know what they're doing. There is no way that the tests are coming back fine and i still have this going on.

**Some important facts:
Ever since i have lived in the this house with my dad we have been sick. He is also very ill and hasn't worked in over a year because of whatever is wrong. They can't find out what is wrong with him either....he has other issues than mine though. We have lived here for abour 5 years. We live right behind a trucking company (fedX). We came to realize that we might have been living with mold in our house the entire time. Our air conditiong went out over this past summer, and it was completely filled with mold....which means our air ducts in our house are filled with it too. We got the air conditiong replaced, but don't have the money to replace anything else.
Could any of this have anything to do with my problems?? (or why my dad is sick too?)

Thank you for your time and reading this. Im sorry it is very, very long, but if i don't tell all the details now, after reading it i would've been asked for details. Hopefully you can guide me in some sort of direction. Please.

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