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ridiculously bad periods no dr knows. HELP!

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  • Posted By: saaRahh987
  • November 10, 2008
  • 02:44 AM

since i started my period when i was 11, ive had the worst periods. heavy bleeding that forces me to literally change my pants every 5 minutes. cramps that are so bad i cant even compare them to anything except child birth, i was in the hospital because the pain was so bad i didn't know what else to do. I get dizzy spells all the time and have often ran into something, fallen down the stairs, or fallen in the shower. i have chronic sweating and NOTHING works. 25% deoderent doesnt even work. its embarrasing because i dont want to wear certain shirts or certain colors. no doctor knows whats wrong with me. all the tests ive had done have came back normal. eventually all the drs. have done was give me vicodin when i was in the hospital and send me home. they just gave up. i almost failed 8th grade because i missed 2 weeks of school because the pain was so bad i didnt know what else to do but scream, constant pain that was so bad ibprofen and all other pain medication didnt even work. i wanted to die, i thought i was. i lost so much blood my anemia level was dangerously low. its supposed to be an 11, mine was a 2. i still sleep alot. tho im no longer anemic. i can sleep for 12 hours straight and still wake up and be tired. ive had days where i come home from school and at 4 ill fall asleep and not wake up till the next morning at 530am when my alarm goes off and i still fall asleep in school. i took so much ibprofen and aleeve that it irritated the inside of my stomach and i had to get an upper GI done. i was put on the pill. that didnt work. i would have my period before the months packet ran out. its always been like that. i have periods that last 6 weeks straight then im off for 2 weeks then im on it again. now i havent been on it for 2 months straight and i have constant pain that i cant do anything about. ive been tested for polycystic ovarian syndrome and pelvic inflamitory disease. i've been on many birth control pills and have seen many doctors about many things. i need some help. or a doctor that will actually take interest in me.

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