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Rickettsia ??

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  • Posted By: Mondeo
  • May 11, 2007
  • 01:53 PM


I first got ill in May last year (12 months ago), it happened overnight I woke up with a viral type illness, shaking, malaise, dizziness and slight temperature. It went on for a few days and I visited GP, he advised probably a viral infection which would sort itself out within a couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks passed and no improvement in symptoms, the defining symptom was the dizziness, except it wasn't vertigo type dizziness, it was a spaced out, detached, unreal type feeling similar to intoxication but at the same time not a nice feeling.

I returned to GP and he ordered standard blood tests, LFT, CRP, ESR, Diabetes, TFT. All came back normal. At this point he advised it may be post viral fatigue which would clear up in time.

A new symptom had appeared then, a strange shaking and vibrating throughout my body, mainly when I was resting or trying to get to sleep, i've learned its called an internal tremor.

A few months passed and the dizziness gradually subsided, I was left with maliase, a strange nervous/adrenaline type feeling in my chest and the internal tremor.

I returned to GP and he repeated the blood tests, again all was fine. He then said I may be developing CFS/ME for which there was no effective treatment.

Again a few more months passed, symptoms same. I visited another private doctor and described my symptoms. He said he was not convinced on the ME theory becuase I had no fatigue, I was working fine full time, could do any exercise without feeling really bad the day after. I just didn't feel right.

Recently I went to see an ME specialist to try and find out for sure if I had it or not. He doesn't think so. He said he strongly suspects a Rickettsia infection. I have extensively travelled before getting ill, Asia and Africa (live in UK.) He's put me on an 8 week course of oxytetracycline, started in on Monday, no change in symptoms but I suppose its early days.

So my question really is if Rickettsia is consistant with my symptoms? My last foreign travel was 2 years before onset of my illness, is it possible that I picked up this infection then and something triggered it off from a dormant state?

Any information appreciated.


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