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Rheumatic Fever Questions..

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  • Posted By: aubx03
  • June 24, 2009
  • 04:11 AM

It's been a year and I have been searching for answers as to what was wrong with me, Doctors could give me no answers and I saw several.

A year ago I had been out mowing the lawn, It was a really hot day and I had been out there for a few hours. Later that night I started to feel sick I felt like I was starting to get a sore throat. The next day I felt even worse, I took my temp and it was 101 so I went to see my doctor.. He did a chest X-ray and said that there was a dark spot on my x-ray and he said I was starting to get pneumonia he gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. About a week later I delevloped severe joint pain, I could hardly move all my joints hurt constantly. And if I walked to much I would get these lumps all over my legs. I went to the ER after waking up one night to go to the bathroom and I could not even pull the covers off of me because the pain was so bad. He did some blood work, and told me everything came back fine, He could only see that I had some inflamation from the tests he did. He told me to see my Doctor for further testing. So a few days later I saw my Doctor, He did some tests for rhumetoid arthritis, auto immune diseases, hepititis.. They all came back negative so he prescribed me prednisone and some antibiotics.. When I took the prednisone it took all my joint pain away temporarly, but it would come back hours later. So I would go back, this continued on for 3 months, until one day the pain was just gone.

Now everytime I start to get a little sick I get anxiety that this pain will come back and I start to research on the internet what it could be. The other day I came across rheumatic fever, I had a few of the symptoms and after reading about it, it has got me extremely worried because of the effects it has on the heart. I am 23, I was 22 when this all happend thats a little out of the age range but that doesn't mean this could not happen. I guess the answer i am looking for is, If I were to call and schedule an Echocardiogram would this tell if I infact had rheumatic fever? I had one done 5 months prior to my illness after giving birth they thought i had cardiomyopathy and everything was fine.

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