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  • Posted By: Reengogga
  • December 18, 2008
  • 05:02 PM

Yes, all standard tests were done for thyroid - TSH, Free T3 & Free T4. It seems to be all within limits - have not looked at it myself. The hormone tests were fine, the glucose, fasting and other relating tests were done and all seemed fine and yes the thyroid tests were all performed - and guess what - it was fine.

The Autoimmune is positive, but the IgG is negative. I just receive the X-Rays back today and this is what they found:
Cervical spine:
Reversal of the normal cervical lordosis at the C5/C6 level with C5/C6 disc space narrowing. Previous ligamentous injury posteriorly cannot be excluded - Had a whip lash motor vehicle accident in 2003.
Right arm
Small bony fragment in the crooned process present, most likely in keeping with a previous injury. Small bony inthesis present at the implantation of the precepts of the tendon also indicative are previous avulsion-type injury. Rest of the elbow and forearm appear within normal limits.
Degenerative disc space changes of the mid thoracic vertebral levels.

I have read about it today on wikepedia

Most of these tests have been done x 2 and I think nobody is comparing the results of the BBT with each other. I have been 5 kg from may ideal weight and just suddenly I started gaining weight each day, I felt swollen all over and got abdominal cramps and pain - that is much better now, Swollen thyroids from August - by time it is more swollen and tender that other day's are still swollen though and gained almost all the weight I lost (15kg) - I do not want to get on the scale to confirm this, it will just make me even more depressed and devastated than I am currently feeling. The un-stoppable craving for sweet things is getting worse and worse by the week / day.

I normally had a very nice and thin neck, these day's it feels and look like I have grown side way's at the neck - that swollen it had become.
Getting cold very, very easily. Very often has cold hands and feet.
Thirst, Not very long after I have eaten, I feel hungry again
Would do my best to do exercise, but muscles feel week and easily tire fast, cramps, can feel pulling at the front of legs when walking, back pain, neck pain and stiffness, right arm so sore I don't want to move it - mostly sore in the early mornings or when I did allot with the arm it is tender / sore at night or sometimes not even doing much it become sore. Right leg went numbed while having a massage. Shortness of breath. Use Tripeline to sleep - chronic meds - without it I can not sleep.
Now and then getting cramps on left / right side of chest.
Lethargy and constant fatigue, emotional instable - cry for everything, get mad easily, irritated, depressed and some day's worst than other.
Constant problem with acne and psoriasis, but I thought that might be related to all the sweet things I eat. Puffiness under eyes, swollen arms and legs and sometimes have water on the knees - weight gain probably.
Brittle nails and hair loss and very, very sensitive eyes even when it is cloudy, the light coming through mike my eyes tear up. Always had heavy and extreme painful menstrual periods, sometimes so bad I need to get an injection to relive the pain.
Yesterday I could barely step on my right foot - at the base at the soft side - just before the hollow side going down. Something, i think it might be some sort of thyroid, was swollen and extremely tender and sore. Today it is much better.

The Autoimmune and RF have been taken again on Monday including a FBC - have not received any indication as to how the result look since I have another appointment on Monday.

I looked at the following sites on wikipedia:
Thyroid problems
Rheumatoid factor and Rheumatoid arthritis
Immunoglobulin G
Degenerative disc disease
Intervertebral disc
Lymph nodes

I have looked at the thyroid site, and made a copy of the temp graph.

Thank you for your trouble and any help I can get would very much be appreciated.

Kind regards

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