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Recurrent UTIs, headaches + abdominal discomfort

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  • Posted By: Saffron5
  • October 1, 2008
  • 04:26 AM

After not having a bladder infection for nearly 10 years, I have had 5 in 10 weeks (or, more probably, one unending one). I went on vacation with my family in NH in July, and did a lot of lake swimming. At one point, when I was squatting and throwing my son in the water, I felt a weird intake of water. It really felt as if it went into my bladder, and I had this quick thought of - "I hope this doesn't give me a bladder infection." The doctors have disregarded that, but my mind keeps coming back to it.

Anyway, about a week or two after returning, I developed severe bladder infection symptoms over a weekend. I called my family practice and a doctor on call called me in a script (I think it was sulfa). I can't remember if I got even a short reprieve that time, but 5 days later I went to see my regular doctor at the practice, because I had severe symptoms again. They took a urine sample and pronounced it clear. However, she wrote me a different antibiotic script. Can't remember that one.

That worked briefly, but I was hit again within about 3 days of ending that medicine (it was one of those 4 day medicines).

I went to see her again, and she again took a urine sample and pronounced it clear. She told me she thought I was having bladder spasms. She gave me another script. I knew at that point that she couldn't help me so I went back to the specialist who gave me a bladder lift and hysterectomy a year ago (good results with that).

She took my urine, pronounced it clear, and said it was bladder spasms and gave me Detrol.

That's when things really went downhill. Everytime I get an "attack," it gets worse. I had one the first really bad ones a week after seeing her. I came down with horrible bladder infection symptoms. Just that icky yucky feel you get in your gut with an infection. Diarhea, a terrible headache, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, lethargy, general abdominal discomfort.

I went back to her (we are now 6 weeks in from my first symptoms) and she FINALLY decides to culture the urine - neither doctor had done that yet!!! She put me on a sulfa drug and sent me off, but then her nurse called 3 days later and told me they'd isolated a bacteria and switched me to Bactrim.

I was back in 5 days later with more of the same symptoms, but she urged me that it would just take time, because I had obviously had a bladder infection for 6 weeks straight (I didn't mention that it was her and the other doctor who were responsible for that).

About 7 days into the Bactrim, I started feeling better. And I was better for a whole week after I finished it. But then, on Sunday, I came down with the worst attack yet. This time my temp was up 3 degrees (very rare for me) and my cheeks got this weird cherry red. The headache was so bad I could barely lift my head and I was so lethargic that I lay flat on the bed for hours. When it first came on, we had to come home from a museum and I tried to sit in a chair, but I was having terrible abdominal cramps, in the central area pulling from the sides, but did not combine with any need to urinate. Truthfully, it reminded me of contractions during birth (I have no uterus though, but my ovaries are still there).

I called the answering service that night and my doctor called me back and told me to come in in the morning.

That was this Monday. I was nearly hysterical when I saw the doc (not like me at all), because I am soooo sick of this and I just feel so badly when it happens. She decided to do a cystoscopy. She did it that afternoon and found nothing.

We are waiting for the culture to come back, but I had taken some Utira-C for the pain the night before and that not only has urinary tract pain-killer, but some antibacterial stuff in it and I'm afraid that might mask any bacteria.

She said (I just cannot believe this) that she thinks I'm just having bladder spasms. I asked how I could have a fever with bladder spasms and she just said "I don't know."

I know what bladder spasms are, because I had them before my surgery last year. This is NOT what this is.

The icky discomfort I felt at first during the attacks has now graduated into full-fledged radiating abdominal pain.

I am afraid if she keeps treating this with drugs that she will create some super-infection that responds to nothing. She said, "I'm afraid of that too."

She rewrote the same stupid script (Bactrim), and after that she wants to put me on a low dose antibiotic that is supposed to keep the bacteria at bay. I want to know why the freakin' bacteria keeps getting there in the first place!

She tried to blame it on my sex life, but I actually switched monogamous relationships in between all this, and went for about 5 1/2 (straight) of these 10 weeks sexless, with the same recurring symptoms. Also, I've been very sexually active before and it was never a problem.

I have been tested for every STD under the sun (just in case) and I'm clear.

I am not usually a sick person, and this has caused me to use all my sick days, and I'm contemplating taking a medical leave of absence until I figure this out.

I am unsure of what kind of doctor to contact now, since this gynecourologist has completely failed me.

Should I call a general surgeon so they can take a look at my abdominal cavity? Some sort of internist? Epidemiologist? Who can help me?

I used to run with my dog and take my kids out for hikes around the lake. Now I'm just a sore lump most of the time who goes to bed when they do.

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