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RA, fibromyalgia? what do you think?

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  • Posted By: shoebottom
  • May 3, 2008
  • 10:49 AM

I am fixing to go to my 4th doctor about this problems and I going crazy with getting the run around. If there is anything that you can think of that might fit this problems please let me know so I can research them to have questions to ask the new doctor( I will have my files sent to him before hand). I am driving 2 hours from my town to see this doctor that I have been researching.

All of this has happened in the last 6 months.

This is the order that I remember to the best of me that it came. I never have fever; and none of the spots are red. I hit my right fourth toe on a chair months ago and it is sore sometimes from the toe up about 3 inches into my foot on top and bottom, I can’t pull my toe up at all. When I stand up on it at work it burns really bad. My fourth finger on my left hand swells really bad like a sausage almost everyday and stays that way for hours if not all day, may one day a week it will go down(this is the worst of everything to me). In have also noticed that when I salty things the swelling is worse, even if I drink tons of water. My fourth finger on my right hand does not swell but is more of pain from my finger into my palm. I can’t bind them when I get up in the morning. On both fingers if you squeeze the bones they hurt extreme bad. Not all the time but most of the time they do. I woke up one morning and my neck hurt really bad I thought that maybe I had slept wrong but the pain never goes away, I can’t turn my neck to see on traffic when turning onto a road I have to get up in my seat to see if something is going. My thumbs hurt, normally, both at once to where I can’t pull them in to pick anything up. I can’t grip to open my meds, a bottle anything like that. My left wrist is swollen and I wear a brace on it at work but it normally does nothing but doesn’t let it get any worse. My left wrist does not hurt. In both of my thighs the muscles ache and a have a hard time walking after I have been sitting for a while (20 minutes sometimes). I have lower back pain and knee pain. The knee pain sometimes is horrible; I have to wrap them up in blankets and go to sleep. In the past two weeks I have been having unbearable pain in my arms. In both normally from the elbow to the wrist, the muscles hurt more than anything, it feels like my elbows are going to pop but they can’t. In the morning it is so bad that I can’t brush my hair, wash my hair and sometimes put my own clothes on. I have tried celebrex, mobic, 800 ibuprofen, and sulfasalazin 500. The last one I tried to take but the pills are awful. I could not get them down. My sed rate is always extremely high and they don’t know why. I have had 2 rh test done and they are both negative. I am going to try another doctor, hoping that it will get better. Cortisone shots don’t help I have had 2. Uric test was good, FANA test was okay, C reative protein was okay, and the parvo test was negative. Negative lupus test. He said that he thinks that is it the start of Rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia. What do you think??

4th fingers
4th toe

Thank you for anything that you can tell me.

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