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Quite a few issues, may or may not be related.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 25, 2009
  • 06:51 AM

Long story short... flash back around eight or nine years ago.

One day I started to have pain and numbness in my wrists. I figured this was likely carpal tunnel seeing how I've always been a computer person and spent a lot of time on it, coupled with the fact that I used my hands a lot at work (was a liquor clerk at a local grocery store at the time)

My mother bought me a couple braces designed for carpal tunnel among other things to help keep my hands straight when taking part in competitive motion tasks and for a period it seemed to work.

Then the other symptoms hit... I would experience lack of strength in my arms, this was particularly weird as I've never been a weight lifter by any means.. but I had always been able to lift a decent amount of weight. Suddenly even something as light as a wine bottle felt like it weighed an additional five to ten pounds.

From there I would get fatigued and just feel kinda 'blah' for lack of a better term with no energy to speak of. This all lasted a week or two and then went away.

I figured that was the end of it, but it ended up only being the beginning. Over the following eight to nine years the symptoms would come back periodically. There was no rhyme or reason as to when they would come back.. sometimes it would be six months later, sometimes only a few months... other times over a year.

I would also on occasion during these attacks.. or spells whatever vernacular one chooses to use, have additional symptoms. Among them would be a random twitching or "sneering" in the corner of my mouth... picture an involuntary version of what Elvis would do, as that's what it looked like and a very slight.... not even noticeable to others twitching of the eye.

Most recently during this latest period that I'm currently enduring.. I have had an on again/off again pins and needles feeling in both hands and on the admittedly ultra rare occasion my feet....

Everything else is still there also... the numbing of the wrists, the weakness in my arms and the general unexplained fatigue.. said fatigue tends to hit most often during the early to mid afternoon and it's not so bad that I can't function... just makes it a lot more difficult to function and it tends to come whether I get three or four hours of sleep, or eight hours or so.

The last symptom that I think may be related.. and is also a new one, a very very slight resting tremor. This hasn't happened too often and is so slight that at times I don't see it taking place, but can simply feel my pinky on my hands trembling.. if that makes any sense.

The only other thing that comes to mind is off and on pain in my neck, as well as my knees and back.. but I've had knee and back pain going all the way back to my early teens.. and both forms of pain run in my family.. and for that reason don't think anyway that there's a relation between them and everything else.

Would appreciate feedback on what this may or may not be, I realize it's incredibly stupid on my part... (so no need to tell me so) but due to being quite stubborn about my health I've never gotten this checked out. (hey a lot of us males tend to wait and wait... and wait to get things checked out).

Further complicating things, due to the current economy and a unexpected pay cut I had to take back in December (a month or so before my symptoms made their return) I cannot possibly afford to take on medical bills right now.

Having said that.... I do realize and acknowledge that I'm going to have to eventually find a way to afford it.. as in the past these symptoms.. whatever the case may be only lasted a week or two on average.. but never more than a month.

I'm going on well over two months this time.. with no end in sight....

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