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Protein and blood in urine - what's causing it?

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  • Posted By: Easyxtiger
  • May 9, 2008
  • 00:09 PM


First of all I'll explain I'm 27 yr female and I'm in the uk.

I went to my gp a week ago because I had been experiencing a decrease in my appetite over the previous 6/8 weeks. The week before my visit to the gp my appetite had gone completely and I was barely eating a banana a day. During my visit my gp did a urine test which showed high levels of protein and blood but no sign of infection. He sent me straight to hospital for renal function tests which came back fine, but they suggested it may be a thyroid problem. Two days later I went back to my doc and he requested full blood tests, a 24 urine test and a stool sample to test for heliobacter (sp) virus. Yesterday I got the results of the blood tests (urine and stool only finished yesterday so no results yet) - thyroid, liver function, bone (not sure what) all came back fine. The only things that were outside of normal were my white and red blood count, but he said he was expecting this (?) My white blood count was 53 I think (I've read "normal" range is between 6-11?) Can't remember what it said about my red blood count but it was also high so not aneamic (sp again sorry).

My gp is very good, but he is stuck as to what it is. He's put me on a course of antibiotics incase it is a uti - although I don't have any symptoms of one. He is speaking to his colleagues today for ideas and is ringing me later. He has suggested I may need to have a scan of my kidneys and be reffered to a specialist.

I'm have a few questions, if the blood test for renal function came back fine is that a definate indicator that there is nothing wrong with the kidneys? If so why send me for a scan? Could anything else cause protein and blood in the urine? Also, what would make the white blood count so high? My only symptoms are: complete loss of appetite (feeling of fullness constantly) and protein and blood in urine. I have also been having increasingly heavy periods over the last year, they are now very heavy and I have quite a bit of clotting for the first couple of days.

This may be unrelated but I have had concerns with my right breast for the last 18 months or so. There are no lumps felt, but there is a slight change in contour and a slight change in nipple direction. My right armpit also appears swollen compared to the left, but there are no lumps to be felt there either.

Sorry I've gone on, but has anyone got any suggestions at all?

Thanks Hayley

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