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  • Posted By: rose2bee
  • November 18, 2008
  • 07:28 PM

I have been having pain for going on a little over a month now... It is a little weird though... It is mainly in the center just below my rib cage... but it radiates to both the left and right side...The pain only accures about 15 minutes after eating (when I mean eating I mean eating a decent amount of food. Not too much and not too little, right about when your about to feel full). The pain feels like pressure and a major ache...I also have been having diarreha, and very nauseated. Now the kicker to all this is that I had my gall bladder taken out Feb 2005. I went to the E.R. Oct 31 I had blood tests and a Cat scan, and they said my white blood cells were a little high so they put me on anitbiotics (2 to be exact; Flagyl & Cipro), other than that they could not find the cause for my pain. Nov 4 (4 days after going to the E.R.), I went to my primary physician about this.... He said he thought it might be C. difficile (I had been on antibotic about a month or so ago for UTI). So anyway my primary physician put me on 2 anitbiotics (Flagyl & Vancocin these primarily take care of C. difficile). Nov 7 I called my doc oncall and told him I can not take the pain that it really hurts after I eat and I had actually gotten myself to only eating a snack during the day wich would give me pain but it was tollerable, but when I ate at night it would be agonizing. He told me to go to the E.R. after spending 4 hours in the waiting room I finally got to the back and they did blood test and X-Ray (did not want to do a Cat Scan since I had just had one a wekk prior). Well once again they could not find anything, they called my primary Physician and he told them to admit me. I was put on a clear liquid diet with no lactose. It about killed me!! I was in for 3 days total (I got out yesterday), I had a Gastroscope & Endoscopy, and once again they could not find anything. Now during the time I was in the hospital I had alittle pain but the only thing I was eating was chicken broth, jello, juice; mainly things you could see through. Well my doctor release me... needless to say I was really really hungry, the last time I had eaten was Friday for dinner. my husband took me to eat. I told my self to eat slowly since it had been a while since I ate solid foods, well I got halfway through my plate when it all started back up again. I sat there for a while hoping it would go away because I was still hungry. I went to see what else I could get off the buffet, but I had a hard time walking, I was dizzy, and the pain was so bad. I really did not each much after all this started so we went home. My pain lasted about 6 hours total. I felt fine when I got up..... Well now that it has been a while since being in the hospital I am getting worse. It hurts to walk, lay down and of course after eating..... I am loosing sleep because it hurts so bad to lay down on my side or my stomach, I can't sleep on my back, never have been able to. When I lay on my stomach it feels like a knott in my upper abdominal area... but yet when I get checked out they say there is nothing wrong with me.

If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it!!! I am desperate!!! I can not seem to get any diagnosis.... and I am to the point where I wont eat at all. I can not handle the pain. Might I mention I am also on pain pills and they don't do much help either. And when I say pain pills I am talking about percocet. This is all my primary doctor wants to do for me because he says there is nothing he can do for me until I see the gastro doctor. And I go there in 2 days....

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