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Pregnancy and "seizures" ?

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  • Posted By: YoungnFrustrated
  • March 12, 2008
  • 04:58 PM

Where to begin?!
I'll start from the begining:
My first "seizure" was when I was 2, It was Father's Day, lots of exitement, sugars, and bouncing around, I was using the treadmill as a playground and slipped off and hit my elbow, sending me into the seizure.
My parents took me to the hospital, my mom says they ran tests on me and everything was normal.
When I was 10, I was put under the same scenario. My birthday, no protein, donuts for breakfast, bouncing around with exitement, got out of the car and hit my elbow on the car door and sent me into a "seizure" in the Target parking lot.
I don't remember going to the doctor that same day, but I know we went to the doctor later and scheduled a EEG, and I couldn't go to sleep with all the doctors watching when I was that young, so they couldn't get a accurate result, but for the most part everything was "normal"

Since these I have had what I can only describe as "pre-seizures"
How I feel before they are going to happen everytime.
So if say I havn't had lunch but I eat a cookie or something I would all of a sudden have:
tunnel vision
sudden urge to go to the bathroom
light headed

but most of the time if I started feeling these symptoms I could get some peanut butter or deli meat down me and start feeling better.

That stuff I could handle, but here is where the weird stuff starts not adding up.
I am 13 weeks pregnant right now, and I am 16 years old. I weighed about 110 before pregnancy and even now i'm not over 120 so being overweight isn't a problem, because everyone keeps relating this with high blood pressure but I have just the opposite!
But about 3 weeks ago I was in the bathroom (luckily with my mom) about to dye my hair, the box wasn't open yet, so the fumes wern't what got to me at all. (and yes i had permission from my doctor to use hair-dye)
Anyways; I put my hands above my head to pull my hair back and blacked out completely, feeling like I needed to sit down I sat on this ledge near the floor, and just felt funny, it all happened so quickly I don't even know how to describe the feeling, but I remember my mom telling me not to hold my breathe and coaxing me through breathing in through my nose out through my nose, which i was following and as my mom describes next, my lips turned blue, my face washed out in color completely and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. My left arm only convulses in this rythmic up and down motion at the elbow, and I lost control of my bladder.

When I woke up, it felt like exactly that, i had just took a nap, but couldn't wake up. I heard everyone around me talking but I couldn't see anything, and when I began to see again it was all distorted and blurry and that lasted for about 5 minutes,and according to my mom my "episode" lasted about 30-45 seconds but no longer than a minute. I felt nautious after waking up and thought I was going to vomit, but never did. I wanted to go back to sleep on the bathroom floor but my parents kept me awake for the next hour jut to be safe. I couldn't get out of bed all day and was wiped out, like the energy had been sucked from me.

We called the OB the next day I believe and they said to drink lots of water and next time it happens or I feel like that to go to the ER. We also scheduled for some blood work and another EEG with a neurologist. So, I went in for that and yet again, all was normal.

They said I have very low blood pressure and a low blood count, it's "borderline anemia" and that I should eat more salts so i can retain the ammount of water I am supposed to drink. They diagnosed me with vasovagal with seizure like episodes.

I have followed this very closely but 2 days ago when visiting some family out of town, I went to go try to dye my hair again, this time at a salon.
I walked into the salon, not even picked out the hair dye yet but maybe I have anxiety over the whole process now because my cheeks turned bright red, my legs started shaking, sudden urge to go to the bathroom even though I didn't have to go, but maybe just to calm myself down, my heartbeat was racing and I left the salon. When I got outside I started feeling better in the fresh air but we decided to go home, I was still feeling weak and light headed so I layed down. This feeling didn't go away though, it got worse, I started getting neatious, and shaking which was new to me. My hands and feet lost the blood flow and were freezing but my whole body was sweating, yet I was under a blanket, uncontrollably shaking. I can't explain this part very well at all, but everytime I feel like this there is a distinct...taste and smell? that I can sense and I started sensing it.

My mom took me to the ER and after 2 hours it still wasn't going away.When we finally got a room they checked my blood pressure, laying down, sitting up, and standing up. Took about 4 viles of blood to tun tests on and hooked me up to a pulse thing. My pulse was abnormally high, even after laying down for 2 more hours it wouldn't go below 100, They also did a EKG which everything I suppose came out normal because they released me. The doctor came in and when my mom explained my symptoms from the last episode this doctor said OH NO THIS ISN'T VASOVAGEL THIS IS A SEIZURE, my mom sort of argued with him saying the neurologist said otherwise but if he wanted to run tests and seriously figure out what was wrong go ahead and he never came back in the room.

I left the hospital STILL feeling some of the symptoms I came in with, just dimmed down. When I got home I just rested all day but the next morning when I woke up, the symptoms were still there, and now I had this heat in the back of my neck, but on the inside? It was strange.

I just want to know what I can do to regulate this. I'm not sure what is normal in a pregnancy, or what has to do with some other medical condition that isn't related to the pregnancy or that the pregnancy is bringing about or WHAT!

I just know, this is frustrating to the extent of I will just cry when I can't even walk around to look at baby stuff, or I am scared to get behind the wheel of my car because If I stand it feels even worse.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?

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