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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 22, 2008
  • 11:35 PM

I was searching around here for a possible cause for my condition, and as I narrowed the
search more and more it seemed many mentioned diseases are very unlikely to occur to me
as I'm generally a healthy person with pretty healthy habits (at least for the last years) and only 20 years old, pretty skinny but well-built.
The story starts when I had a little change in my life a few weeks ago which forced me to
be mostly at home for this time being (not health related, neither I believe is anxiety-causing), and as this happened I had a little change in my nutrition which while I started eating more healthy foods, I felt I might be a little malnutritioned for lack of reasonable variety or little quantity, although I felt pretty good generally, rather energetic, and don't think I was starving myself as I tended eating more nourishing foods and didn't
feel any discomfort. I did lose some weight though.
As for that as an introduction, I don't believe it has anything to do with my condition, because it seems to me it developed independently, but I mention it anyway.
After that change, I seemed to develop symptoms that are pneumonia-like: breathlessness;
chest pain that was first coming from the ribs (which made me believe it has to do with
a heavy-weight thing I lifted a day before) and then was felt from the lungs; a pretty
intense need to clear my lungs of phlegm, which mostly failed. My breathelessness expressed in a difficulty in falling asleep, because I felt I my breath is not strong enough to
fill my body with enough oxygen, causing deprivation and makes me start breathing deeply
in panic - this mostly occured before sleep, when I laid down, making me get up and freak
out, as I felt some numbness in my foot in addition and I thought I'm having some kind of
a stroke. A few days later, after some recurring nights, I convinced myself I have pneumonia because I was very confident it was a discomfort coming from my lungs. I started treating myself naturally and a few days later I was relieved. Then it happend again, starting from digestion problems as intermittent diarrhea and lever-sided pain, the
latter being healed two days later, both of which I seem to believe not necessary have to do with my condition but rather with accidental, bad nutrition. Coming later this breathlessness in a more critical way I think, occuring every time I lie down, having more
difficulty in falling asleep, and started developing a dry, seldom, disturbing cough, causing a
mild pain from my lungs. I'm lost now, not knowing if these could be healing symptoms after
a light pneumonia, or it is something more serious.
I would like to mention I'm a non-smoker, but had some exposure to machine smoke (not too much, but for about an year, occupational).
I would appreciate any try to shed some light on my condition.

Thanks, Bob

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