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  • September 25, 2008
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I was thinking of anything tangible that we simple 3d people could do about this 2012 thing and I got one idea - I really think we should spread the word about what's going on in the world - I have made this template that everyone can adjust and send it to friends, post it in other forums, etc.. my english is crap so if anyone wants to make a better template that would be kool... I tried to make it as down-to-earth as possible, but I think it still sounds a bit crazy I don't know:D

What is going on in the world ?
Financial markets tumbling, countries getting more aggressive and looking for wars. This article may challenge some beliefs and facts, but an open mind is a virtue and at times like these we should use and exercise it. The article will aim to encourage people to self-research everything and will incorporate financial, health, and military aspects as everything may be related,

The cause of most diseases has been known for a long time, e.g. you may have a look at „earth clinic“ web site where hundreds of people every day share tips and experiences on all health disorders, as you may see the vast majority have achieved „miracalous“ results with alternative medicine rather than the modern one. Why is alternative medicine so suppressed and ignored by both media and doctors ? At first, profits was the main suspect, however, it may be very possible that the truth goes deeper than this. Most people know that we only use 5-10 per cent of our brain capacity, 95 percent of our dna is considered to be junk dna, our third eye is inactive and so forth. Could it be that this is the main reason why health science is so „complex“ and can not cure anything, merely treat and improve symptoms ? We can put a man on the moon, but we officially can not fully explain the cause of yawning or hiccups. If the truth is that humans are capable of much more than we can imagine then why the cover-up of it ? Sooner or later humans would figure out everything, right ? Well, the timing is now and the masterminds of this cover-up did not expect to keep this a secret for much longer.

It is no coincidence that American economy started crashing on September 15, 2008. If you need proof, please check forum threads such as these http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/287794-please-read-now-sept-2008-economic.html - people could tell the exact date of economy crash at least half a year ago. Many other threads reveal that people were able to work out the crash date using numerology and past-history, e.g. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread393789/pg1

Could this financial crisis be solved ? According to people who have predicted it a long time ago – no. If this information does not sound credible then please research „congress secret session“ which mentions the imminent U.S. economy collapse followed by food rioting and backlash on members of congress, which will be „solved“ by imposing martial law.

It would be no surprise that Iran is attacked by Israel by the end of this year, if you research this subject you will find that a lot of high ranking officials such as U.S. Ambassador Bolton claim that Israel is simply waiting for the right time, only last week Israel has purchased bunker-busting bombs which are thought to be ideal for Iran nuclear facilities as they are held in special underground bunkers. Why would people in Australia or Canada care about all this ? Because Iran controls 70 per cent of world‘s oil supply (it can stop saudi ships and it has promised to do so, again you may research the subject „iran will use oil“ using search engines)

Most people continue to ignore everything despite all the facts – people just hope for the best no matter what. Why are we heading for very turbulent times and not the other way ? That is a complex answer, maybe it‘s more hard-to-believe than complex, but if you wish to understand what is really going on please research the following (although all the subjects may seem a bit disconnected - they are all related)

In conclusion, we should really start educating ourselves and preparing for the coming events both psychologically and practically.

1. please google zeitgeist (if the beginning gets boring you may fastforward it for approx 35 minutes)
2. please google esoteric agenda (again the beginning is history-related, but it will go back to present and future day)
3. youtube.com planet x chemtrails, planet x
4. 2012forum.com
Other interesting sites – infowars.com, godlikeproductions.com, abovetopsecret.com, educate-yourself.org
Other interesting movies – youtube.com „one disturbing call“, “bush reptilian”, “et behind bush”, "project blue beam"

Best wishes to everyone

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