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PLEASE PLEASE give me some advice!I HURT!

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  • Posted By: makahfili
  • November 12, 2008
  • 06:13 PM

Ok, so I have posted on here plenty of times. But I have had some tests and got some troubling results... First I will start with my numerous symptoms....

*EXTREME abdominal tenderness. Sometimes I can pin point the pain, alot of the time it is spread out. The only place in my abdomen not affected usually is my right side. It doesn't matter how much pressure is put on my stomach. An arm resting gently on it, KILLS ME! Usually hurts in center of abdomen between rib cages, also the left upper and lower. Experiencing masses on left side. I explain this pain in my center abdomen as a somewhat gnawing pain, and at it's worst a fire! (NOT heartburn), left side pain is sometimes dull, constant pain, sometimes stabbing excruciating pain that comes in waves.

*Chest pain. My chest is constantly hurting and my shortness of breath is unbelieveable! Sometimes there's stabbing pain (feels like a heartattack at times, literally) Expereincing palpitations, rapid heart beat constantly!

*Muscle spasms. Ok, this has become a constant problem. Somewhere in my body is spasming most of the time. This is experienced in my legs, left eye, and oddly in my abdominal region. Upper and lower. Recently in my lower middle abdomen. Felt like a baby moving around, but there is absolutely no chance of pregnancy. These spasms are hard and sometimes accompanies pain.

* Muscle tension and back pain. Another chronic problem. Tight all over along with the spasming. Muscle relaxers do not relieve ANY of this!

*Mental changes. Increased short term memory loss. Along with increased anxiety and panic attacks for no apparent reason. Becoming anti social, and panic around company. I have been diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder since I was younger, but this seems to be triggered under no stress and without warning. I classify it as a symptom. Irritability, mood swings, severe PMS.

*Muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and weakness. Hands seem stiff when I bend fingers most of time. Knees, feet, and actually entire body cracks, creaks, pops, all the time! This is also accompanied with fatigue. No motivation physically. Body hurts all the time.

Ok, that is all the symptoms I will list for now. These are the tests that I have received..
-LEEP procedure for pre cervical cancer CIN 2.:(
-multiple endoscopys and acid test thing. concluded with GERD, hiatal hernia,ARD
-colonoscopy-resulted in hemmoraging in colon, no lesions, seemed kinda normal.
-upper GI and small bowel followthrough- this is the troubling part. They say there was no evidence of GERD, hiatal hernia, or anything wrong, other than an enlarged liver possibly due to EBV flare up at that time. This irritates me. :mad:OHSU has screwed me over so much. The endoscopys were not done through the same hospital. But both endoscopys agree that a hiatal hernia and GERD were present. But would not explain all or most of my symptoms.

My ideas of possible diagnosis: Lupus (explains most, almost all symptoms),
Lyme (explains many symptoms), Candida overgrowth, heavy metal toxicity, MS........:confused:

PLEASE give me some advice, I apologize for such a long post, but I have battling with this for years. I am so tired. I am a 21 yr old Mommy. I need to be healthy for my kiddos and me. PLEASE PLEASE help me figure this out. Docs haven't been any help at all. I mean NO HELP! Thank u for your time and patience, I can't wait to hear from u!


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