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Please help-very urgent!!!

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  • Posted By: angelpie545
  • March 13, 2008
  • 08:29 AM

Does anyone know of, in their experience, ANY disease that presents with the following symptoms?

It started with an intolerance to alcohol. Then, I had a lump in the throat and a voice change, with ears ringing and pressure in the ears. Then, I started having neurological symptoms: confusion, personality changes, fear of being alone/panic attacks, memory loss, inability to process complicated bits of information, and seeing spots and bright lights.

Most recently, I stopped tolerating dairy and gluten, so have eliminated that from my diet. Then, I developed this pain in my stomach, right above my heart, feels like a fist is present there, like someone is pressing right into my stomach. My abdominal muscles are constantly twitching and contracting, and because of the pressure, I constantly feel like I'm going to faint.

Next item-which is the item of most concern. I have stopped tolerating all medication-even antibiotics. The slightest bit affects me horribly, and everything that I take, I have the same reaction: horrible stomachache followed by a spacey feeling, then everyone's voices sound far away and I feel very dizzy and get out of breath like I'm going to faint, then I start shaking and my arms and legs feel "bloated" kind of like how they feel when a blood pressure cuff is on. They sting like they are "too filled" with blood and have these sharp stabbing pains.

I know this doesn't make any sense, and I am in tears as I am writing this, but I've had it up to here! No doctor is taking me seriously, and I'm almost bed-ridden now. My body cannot tolerate any physical exertion because it is so exhausted, and I am out of breath and cannot sing or talk for any amount of time because of this. This is getting scary because as we speak I have a terrible sinus infection, but am unable to treat it because anytime I take the amoxicillin I was prescribed the reaction gets worse. If I tell my doctor, all they will do is prescribe me a different antibiotic in which I will react the same way! It's horrible, because what if I can't fight off the infection on my own?? Is there ANY disease that, genetic, chronic, that ANYONE knows of that could cause an intolerance of certain foods and medications? I used to be able to take a whole tylenol, now I cut a sliver of the pill and it has the same effect! Doctors are clueless, I can't find anything with my research, and I am scared of dying! What if my body can't tolerate the medication needed to fight off bacterial illnesses like the one I have right now???

Please, any help right now would be wonderful, a godsend. I don't know where to turn-please someone point me in any direction.

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