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Please help i really need sleep

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  • Posted By: prico90
  • July 18, 2009
  • 02:29 AM

A couple days ago when i would try to fall asleep i would jump up because it would feel like i was going to pass out and i felt like i couldn't move. That has been happening everyday now. And when i wake up i have been feeling weak and a little dizzy and headaches on and off. And now i have a cough. I havent been resting like i usaully do so i was wondering if that could have caused this please help. Thanks

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  • The not being able to move when you wake up sounds a bit like Narcolepsy. The waking up and not feeling refreshed, or waking up and feeling like you are going to pass out could be sleep apnea- you literally stop breathing in your sleep, your oxygen levels in your brain go down, and your body goes into emergency wake up mode so you don't die of oxygen starvation- I have sleep apnea and so know how that goes.Either way, it sounds like you should get a referral for a sleep study, as they can hook you up and see exactly what is going wrong as you sleep.Hope that helps,Simon
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  • Thanks SimonAlso when i wake up i just feel like i have no energy at all
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  • You seem to have two different threads making inquiry on the same topic. I have posted a response to your earlier version. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • Hi,Try Kali Phos. It will alleviate some of the tension that you are experiencing and slowly move your body's ANS back to PSNS from your present SNS over function. Kali Phos is a cell salt (see my other posts on the use of the 12 cell salts), and as such is part of the natural chemistry of the body.Start with 30x and take 5 pellets about 30 mins before retiring for the night. No food or beverage 30 mins before or after, and nothing in the stomach before awakening for breakfast. Do this for 30 days, then change to 6x for 60 days, same dosage, 90 days in total. Any excess will be naturally removed naturally via normal bodily functions.Place the pellets in warm water in an unused plastic glass (keep the glass specially for this use ONLY) and dissolve and slowly and drink over about 5 mins.. I have enclosed a couple of small sections of information on Kali Phos from a Homeopathic Meteria Medica for your review.General: - Conditions arising from want of nerve power, as prostration, exertion, loss of mental vigor, depression. According to the observations of the provers by Dr. Royal, the most prominent, persistent sensation, was prostration. This was referred to the mind, nerves and muscles. Kali phos. acts upon the brain and nerve cells, upon the corpuscles of the blood affecting the nutrition, causing irritation, slight inflammation and a certain degree of degeneration. In general, a sluggish condition of mind, which will act if aroused; also an exhausted mental condition after mental exertion or great strain. It corresponds to the hosts of conditions known as neurasthenia, in which field it has won its greatest laurels. An intense odor from all the emanations of the body is an accompaniment very frequently. It is a restorative in muscular debility following acute diseases, myalgia and wasting of muscular tissue, all dependent upon impaired innervation.Sleep: - Sleeplessness, after worry or excitement from nervous causes. Somnambulism, walking in sleep in children. Yawning, stretching and weariness, with sensation of emptiness at pit of stomach. Hysterical yawning. Constant dreaming of fire, robbers, of falling, ghosts, etc. Night terrors of children. Awakening from sound sleep screaming with fright. Lascivious dreams. No desire to rise in the morning. Twitching of muscles, on falling asleep. The above symptomolgy does not all have to be realized to bring your body to a fast natural restoration of of natural function. You will experience an easing off to sleep and a more restful nights sleep.Sweet dreams...Skyhighnemo.PS. Read my other posts for more information on Natural remedies and cell salt uses and dosages. Remember, Nature ALWAYS wins..
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