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Please help I feel like I'm dying and it's only been a day!

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  • Posted By: MorganCee
  • January 15, 2010
  • 03:21 PM

I'm 15 on Sunday and a female just to let you know. :)

I went to bed about 11:30pm last night then I woke up about 6am this morning with a splitting headache, swollen right tonsil and swollen glands mainly on the right side.

The headache is also focused on the right side.

I had a small temperature too so I got a wet wipe and lay with it on my forehead because I didn't want to wake up my Mum and tell her what was wrong.

I must of fell back asleep with the wet wipe on my forehead and the light on in my room. The next thing I knew my Mum was waking me up because it was a school day - this was about 7:30am she woke me at.

I told her how I felt because I was just as bad as I was at 6am. She didn't believe me though because by conceindence I was off last Friday too due to female problems. So reluctently I went in the shower while crying a lot because my head felt like it would fall off and I thought I might faint. Anyway I got ready then my Granda told my Mum I shouldn't go to school because he believed I was unwell and if I went in I'd be home in a hour or so.

After my Mum agreed with him I went back to bed, woke up at 12:45pm still with a dire headache and all the other symptons so I shouted on my Mum for a paracetomel. She had to crush it up and make me eat it off a spoon while swallowing water as I can't take tablets and we had no soluble ones.

I ended up getting up because I couldn't sleep anymore and the paracetomel helped. I decided to Google my symptoms but I got nothing in return. I get tonsil stones every now and then so I though that's what was wrong but I looked at my tonsils in the mirror and although my tonsils are swollen I don't have any sign of a tonsil stone.

What I do have though is a red like lump on my right tonsil that I don't remember being there before. I tried squeezing my tonsil just incase I did have a tonsil stone but couldn't see it yet but doing so resulted in my tonsil bleeding slightly.

Right now I know I shouldn't be on the laptop but I need to find out what it is. My headache is slowly returning and my tonsils are still sore.

I just want to be better because I'm having a birthday party tomorrow night!

Any help is greatly appriciated. And I'm very sorry this is so long. :(

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