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please help- digestive problem?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 13, 2008
  • 08:15 PM

Hello, I REALLY need your guys' help!

I'm a 20y/o female with an undiagnosed digestive problem (at least I think it is digestive related). I've been to a few doctors who seem to think my problem is emotion and stress related. Let me assure you it is not. The problem started 6 months ago when I was living in Colorado and preparing to move back home to California. A couple times after a meal I would kind of regurgitate undigested food back into my mouth. This had never happened to me before and it was infrequent so I attributed it to the stress of moving and didn't say anything to anyone- I figured it would just go away once I was all settled again. The problem continued and only happened a few times a week. Then it progressively got worse over the next couple of months. I made an appointment to see my PCP and she thought it was either IBS or GERD. At the time there was a change in my stools- mucusy and pale. But after about a week it returned to normal. I was prescribed Prilosec and then Pepcid- neither helped at all. And then I was given Reglan which I took and it made me feel completely out of it and didn't seem to have an affect so I discontinued use. I was referred to a GI who thought it was either related to stress or was a motility problem- both which could resolve itself in time. After a couple weeks of waiting for this problem to "resolve" it got to the point where I could not eat any solid food without regurgitating it back up. Even some liquids would come back up. It wasn't a violent vomit- just a mouthful at a time until everything I ate was out of my stomach. This was pretty problematic since I couldn't eat without hanging around the toilet for up to an hour after a meal.

Anyways, so I went to my GI doctor and asked if we could run some tests because I didnt feel as if I was seeing any improvement. Basic bllod work and urinanalysis was done- the only abnormalty there was a low BUN but that could be because I wasn't gettting proper nutrients. Then I had the Barium Swallow Xray and an upper endoscopy which came back normal- they also took biopsies of my stomach- normal. Literally the moment after my endoscopy my GI doctor says that I really need to think about the amount of stress in my life and how strongly the stomach and emotions are connected. I'm pretty self aware and even informed him that stress was the original reason I kept quiet but that stress was long gone and everything in my life was going very well with the exception of not being able to keep food down. So I decided to get a second opinion and my new GI doctor prescribed Nitroglycerin- for esophageal spasm- and I tried that for a few weeks with no results. Then I had a Gastric Emptying Exam which the results werent helpful because I was unable to keep down the egg sandwhich. He then ordered an ultrasound of my upper right quandrant. Everything came back normal and when I talked to him today (going over the results of the ultrasound) he said we could do a esophageal manometry. I asked if he thought ould be conclusive and he side stepped the question. I couldn't help but start crying and he flat out said to me "I thought you weren't stressed?" As if I were trying to hide secret stress resevoirs from my doctors. I told him that the only reason I was stressed and crying was because I was so frustrated and tired of being sick. The look on his face though told me what I needed to know- he didn't believe me. Both my GI doctors think it's all psychosymatic. The tests they are ordering are only to make me feel like something is being done - he scheduled my next visit with him 2 months away!!!

In the past 1 1/2 months I've lost 15 lbs. I can not keep any solid food down and I'm getting all my nutrients from Ensure, milk, ornage juice, kool-aid, and anything else I can find to drink. I am beyond frustrated that they think this is all related to stress and emotion. My friends and family are also frustrated becuase they know I very rarely get stressed and when I do it lasts for very short amount of time. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. Not only do I feel weak physically, it is started to take a toll on my psychologically- I'm constently trying to not be down and depressed, I don't feel social anymore, I'm not myself- I miss being the optimistic one, always cheering others up. I am truely truely truely at my wits end. Please any advice or suggestions are greatly greatly appreciated.

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