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Please help - cannot get diagnosis for skin condition

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  • Posted By: meowlicious
  • March 21, 2008
  • 01:19 AM


I am new to the forum so apologize in advance if I post anything incorrectly.

I really need some help. I have light brown spots on the backs of my upper arms, on my torso and back, and on my upper legs. As of the last two months, the spots have started to spread to the rest of my body as well. I noticed these spots in March 2007 and since then, they have multiplied to the point where it looks like I have a brown rash over the affected parts of my body.

I have seen a dermatologist several times. He took biopsies of 3 of the spots and say that they appear to be just lentigo, (sun spots). He stated, however, that it was not normal to see this many of spots on someone who is 34 years old.

When I was 24, there was a period of around 4 months in which I tried tanning beds, and would tan 2-3 times a week. After around 4 months and one of my friends being diagnosed with skin cancer, I stopped tanning completely and have not done so since. Both the doctor and myself find it hard to believe that I would have so many spots due to 4 months of tanning around ten years ago.

The dermatologist thought perhaps I had a hormonal issue and referred me to an endocrinologist. That doctor could not find an answer either.

Now to add, around 3 years ago, I started having a ton of symptoms, which include the following:

Extreme fatigue
Anemia (am currently on Hemocyte Plus, once a day, and my iron/ferritin level has been considered normal for over a year now, but the fatigue remains)
Hypothyroidism (am currently on 137 mg of Synthroid and my current thyroid "levels" have been considered normal for over a year now)
Difficulty concentrating
Memory problems
Brain fogginess
Night Sweats
Weight gain. I have now stopped gaining weight, but find it difficult to loose the weight.
Restless Leg Syndrome - this comes and goes
I flush easily (chest, neck and ears)
Complete loss of libido
Depression / Anxiety
Many skin infections & patches of eczema
Heaviness in limbs
Floaters (eyes)
Uterine fibroids (I had 14 removed in September 2006 and my GYN says that I have some growing back)

My doctors said they do not know what else to test me for. For the fatigue/depression/anxiety, I am currently seeing a psychiatrist who is working with me to switch my medication, in case that was causing some of the symptoms. However, all of the doctors say the antidepressants do not have anything to do with the spots.

Please please help. I have 3 doctors telling me I have something wrong, but that at this point, we have to wait until whatever it is "presents" itself. I am scared I have some sort of autoimmune disease. I fear that if I wait until whatever this is "presents" itself, it may be too late to do anything about it. I am already at the point where I never want to wear a swimsuit again the rest of my life and am completely ashamed of how I look because most of my body is covered by these spots. Please, if anyone has any info, I would really appreciate it. Sorry this was so long.

Thank you.

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