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ping-pong size lymph nodes in groin

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 14, 2009
  • 00:51 AM

Since the end of April 2009, I have had various pain and symptoms. Seems like it all began with a visit to the dentist where they poked my gums for periodontal disease because 5 days later I was in the hospital for cellulitis.
Altho, it did not seem like cellulitis to me. While my right neck and chest area were swollen - it was not very red. Swelling was marked and prominent I was put on an IV anti-biotic. That did help at that time. The blood culture did not grow any cellulitis or other infections.
I did notice tho, my left chest was beginning to swell and that I had lymph nodes the size of shooter marbles in my groin area. These symptoms have not gone away - in fact in the past 10 days the swelling in chest is worse and travels down the arm. I can feel my shirt getting tighter. And the lymph nodes are now the size of ping-pong balls. They are smooth, cannot be moved but do not hurt.
I did have one other lymph node that enlarged and stayed hard, fixed but no pain. That one was behind my right jaw bone at the back of the ear. In July it was removed and found to be normal lymph tissue; attached to it was a cyst that was found to have no abnormal tissues/cells. The cyst was a surprise as it could not be felt but took up much of the hollow space on my cheek area. An ENT doc did this surgery but he did not offer any assistance in what may be going on in other parts of my body and said to go back to my general doc with my questions.
A CBC of my blood shows me to be in perfect health. My only un-average reading is a low potassium level.
I have had a CT Scan of my lower abdomen and pelvis about 2 months ago. This showed multiple lymph nodes but just a little larger than average and nothing the CT-Scan DR would deem un-ordinary.
I have noticed I will have swelling in my trunk that would prevent my pants from fitting (too tight) and then at other times those pants will just fall off of me (I can't keep them up) - all in the same day. And it fluctuates back and forth.
I also have pain in my hands/fingers first thing in the morning - prob swelling. the joints don't hurt but the skin does. I also feel 'something' in my nasal cavity on the left side - not a lump but more what feels like a burr or 'star' under the skin, inside the nose.
I have been to four docs - none can tell me anything. The one told me to go back to the orig doc as there is no reason for a 2nd opinion and there is prob nothing wrong with me.
The last doc I saw says it is not unusual to have lymph nodes that just get big and enlarge over time - that it is nothing to worry about.
I don't know what else to think or do. I know I have stabbing, burning pain in my chest area and that it is swollen. I also have occasional what feels like bone pain right in the front of the hip bones on both sides. This new doc told me it is muscle pain I am mis-interpreting as bones typically do not hurt.
I know this was long. Thanks for reading and any insight will be helpful.

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