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Panic attack or something else???

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  • Posted By: RedLetterDay
  • November 19, 2008
  • 00:17 AM

I am not sure if this is in the right forum but it was a multisymptom problem so ill put it here:

This did not happen to me, it happened to my girlfriend(23 years old) and it has happened only once(a couple of days ago), ironically it scared me but not her.

This happened after sex (and her orgasm) it happened about 1 minute later, after she orgasmed everything seemed normal until we both sat up, when we did, this happened:
She started hyperventilating like she was grasping for air(this happened during the whole 1-2min), I asked her what was wrong and she didn't respond. She continued doing this and about 20 seconds into it it seemed she was going to fall onto her back so I grabbed her.
I was talking to her and she was unresponsive, her eyes where wide open and it seemed her eyes were rolling a bit up, not too much, it just looked like she was looking up. During this whole time I was trying to get her attention and she only looked at me once and then continued looking up.

Also tears started to come out of her and this is when I really got scared.

After about 1-2 min it was over, it ended by her "coming back" and being able to breathe normally again.
Immediately after she didn't say anything and just went to lie down, she said she felt very tired.
I was scared so I didn't let her sleep or close her eyes much, about 5 minutes later we got up and she was fine.

She says she doesn't know what happened and remembers bits and pieces of the actual event.

The way she described it was that she felt "empty".
I pretty much interrogated her afterwards to see what she remembered and what she felt and these are the symptoms:
-Hyperventilating, as if grasping for air
-she felt no pain
-she was unresponsive and vaguely remembers the event, she said she just felt empty. However she did mentioned that she felt she could see what was happening from a "3rd person" perspective, sort off like an "out of body experience"
- eyes where wide open and looking up, tears came out (don't think this is important but just pointing it out)
- felt very tired immediately after
- because the room was a bit dark I could not tell if she got pale or not but I thought she was having a heart attack...

I urged her to at least contact a doctor about this but she doesn't think it was anything serious. I disagree.

My immediate guess was a mild heart attack because her dad's side of the family has a history of heart problems, but the symptoms don't add up and she felt no pain so panic attack was my second guess.
She also had asthma when she was very young.

Does anyone have any idea's as to what it might be? should she contact a doctor or see someone over this?

fyi, she has no sexual trauma in her past (from what I know) so I dont think it was something psychological...

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