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Pain in my upper and middle back + chest

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 2, 2007
  • 03:22 PM

This pain has been going on for about 10months now. I have been to 4 different docs. and they all have said a different thing. The one I am seeing now has finally done a bunch of test of me. I have had many xrays and blood tests. Also, one MRI and two CAT scans. Everything has come up normal. The only thing that did not was a Vitamin D test-I am deficent in it. My doc. has prescribe heavy amouts of VD and Fish oil. Also Lycria for the pain.

My pain is in the middle to upper back and wraps around to my ribs. I also have pain in my upper chest and on my chest bone. Sneezing and yawning are the worst. It hurts very badly to do this. The pain mainly bothers me at night or when I'm relaxing. Usually during the day I can handle it unless I sneeze or yawn. My doc. is not sure what it is and I THINK she is leaning toward Fibromyliga (sp?). I really hope not because from my research it can be a very handicaping thing.

If anyone can help I would really apperciate it. I'm in so much pain and can't take it.

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  • Might be Costochondritis.....with the Fibromyalgia, I get the pain between the shoulder blades and my ribs and sternum are very sensitive with pain if pressed on. Do you have any other pain in other areas or any other symptoms? Costochondritis is the inflammation of the cartilage where the ribs attach to the breastbone (sternum). Causes & DevelopmentThe cause of this condition is generally unknown but it can be the result of trauma to the rib cage, a viral infection or part of an inflammatory disease.Costochondritis may be caused by hypermobility of the anterior end of the costal cartilage. Most often, the tenth rib is the source of pain because, unlike ribs one through seven which attach to the sternum, the eighth, ninth and tenth ribs are attached at the back to each other by loose, fibrous tissue. This provides increased mobility, but a greater susceptibility to trauma.Costochondritis is also more likely to occur in the lower ribs because of the poor blood supply to the cartilaginous tissue and ligaments. Injury to the cartilage tissue in the lower ribs or the sternocostal ligaments in the upper ribs often does not completely heal naturally.The ribs are attached in the front, as well as in the back of the body. A loose rib in the front is likely also to be loose in the back. Unexplained upper back pain between the shoulder blades and pain in the rib vertebrae are likely due to joint laxity and/or weakness in the associated ligaments.Signs & SymptomsInitially the symptoms may feel like those of a heart attack: pain moving from side to side of the chest and to the arms and neck. Some sufferers find it more difficult to breathe, but there is usually no reason for alarm when the cause of these symptoms is costochondritis.During the acute phase, pain is usually worse and it hurts to breathe, wear a bra or move suddenly. Eventually the pain subsides to a dull, constant ache or tenderness in the ribs. The symptoms often disappear within two months but may take up to a year or even become a chronic condition. When chronic, the pain seems to come and go with sudden movements or lifting heavy objects.Stress may contribute to the pain because it makes the muscles tense. Other things that hurt are lifting, pushing, pulling, sneezing, coughing, long hours of driving or using the computer, repetitive motions and caffeine. Cold, rainy and humid weather also make some sufferers feel worse. Even sinusitis, with the associated nose blowing can be the initial event that results in this chronic chest pain.
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  • use Magnesium citrate to relax muscles.Use Zinc to help heal.Use vitamin C to help heal and rebuild collagen.Use vitamin D to help send more calcium to your bones.
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