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Pain In My Nose

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  • Posted By: abrogard
  • November 10, 2008
  • 03:58 AM

The inside of my nose is incredibly painful to touch. Not without touching.. then it's pretty okay, but if I touch it... wow.

Nothing in the diagnosis list seemed to refer to simply 'pain'.

My own diagnosis is infection caused by a combination of some damage to the skin of the septum and the infected mucus draining down from my head where I've had a bad head cold or mild 'flu or something for the past couple of weeks.

I have had something like this before, but not as bad, and it has been after I have pulled a hair out of my nose. I'm in my 60's and we get hairy noses.

I've assumed that pulling a hair out damages the skin, leaves a hole or something and infection gets in there. It hurts for maybe a day nearly two and then it's okay.

But this time one side of the nose was blocked for some time with hardened mucus from this 'flu thing. I've picked at it with my fingers and I've drawn warm water up the nose and blown it out as the Indians do in an attempt to dislodge and clear the nose without doing any harm.

And I thought that is what I'd done. Cleared things with no harm. But instead what I've got is that side of the nose blocked again and the septum side of it incredibly painful to touch... so I daren't pick at it and can hardly bear to wipe it dry after blowing.

Clear mucus comes out now though there was green mucus three or so days ago. Some clear liquid actually drips sometimes from it.

The whole thing has been going on for a fortnight or more.. the 'flu. The nose problem for a week. I'm dosing myself with Panadol for the pain.

The only medication I take is Quik-eze heartburn tablets. Typically I take one of those upon going to bed. Together with a Panadol nowadays, too.

I'm wondering if I should be asking a doc for antibiotics.

Wondering if an infection there is dangerous at all.

Wondering if there's a better painkiller.

Wondering why it doesn't bloody go away.

Wondering why pimples in the nose or such aren't in the list of symptoms, etc.

anyone got any ideas, any help?


ab :)

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