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pain in chest upper back elbow wrist neck and head

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  • Posted By: SARAHJO
  • September 20, 2008
  • 07:41 PM

28 yrs old 5'3" 130lbs smoker started about 3 weeks ago had episode of chest pain(more like a heavy feeling along my sternum and down my spine) when taking a deep breath in and pressure in my back of my head. took motrin effective some. During that day I could produce the symptoms by bending over or stooping down.This lasted all day. Next day, it was completely gone. I didn't see the MD at this time because I was on an ABX PCN QID for 7 days for dry socket 3wks post wisdom teeth extration. I figured that if i had and infection that was causing this the ABX should help. A week went by no Sx then it happened again same symptoms only now pain in the neck on the left side, pain in my upper back along scapula, pain in my elbow along with the pressure in my head and heaviness in my chest.( 7 months prior had been dx with toticollis went to chiropractor once and problem pretty much resolved) I went to the MD Had a chext x-ray 2 VW,EKG and lab work: tropnin I, Quantative, D-dimer, Fribrin degradation products ALL was normal. The MD thought it could be a number of things: heartburn, axiety tietze syndrome. He told me to monitor the symptoms and if new ones start to call him. He also mentioned gallbladder except for the fact that I don't have the upset stomach afet eating greasy food he did palpate my abdomen and when he pressed the RUQ He recreated the chest pain along my sternum. The last week I now have pain in my wrist into my pinky finger and ring finger, at times i have pain in my ribs under my armpit on the right side. still have the chest heaviness that i can increase or produce with bending over stooping down I continue to have pressure in my head. I went to a chiropractor He said that my ribs were out of align in the front by the sternum, he did his thing and I don't feel any relief He said that it might take more than one session. what do i do now. Cont with the chiroprator go back to the medical md or see a different MD Any suggestions?
(sorry so long i thought the more info the more accurate of an answer.)
Thank you sarah

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