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Over 6 weeks of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting,

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  • December 25, 2008
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diarrhea, mucus filled stools, green stools, urinary tract infection, kidney stone, breathing problems, chronic fevers - some being very high, chills, sweats, dizziness, headaches, violent spastic dry coughing with no phlegm - which most likely caused two inguinale hernias that showed up in the 2nd CT. Blood has been in my urine, feces, and vomit, too.

Some basic info:
-I am a 28 year old male, who has chronic kidney stone problems (65 in 7 years). 11 urologists, none no what's wrong.
-I work at a poulty food processing facility dealing with raw and cooked duck and chicken - in Quality Control. The doctors don't think this has anything to do with it - FYI.
-I am set up to see an Infectious Disease Specialist, but not until January 13th. I want to be able to either be healthy before then or to potentially know what might be some things I can discuss with her about what might be wrong with me.

The history of whatever I have...
It all started over 6 weeks ago.

I had a low fever of 100.7, a headache, and a had trouble swallowing.

The next day I was rushed to the ER, because when I woke up I could not move and was shaking convulsively. The EMT figured I was having a hyperventilation attack or a panick attack as I was having trouble breathing, but after temping me in the ambulance with a 104.4 fever, they figured it was the fever doing it. I was iced down and given tylenol to reduce the fever.

At the ER, I was treated but not given any diagnosis. I did a chest x-ray, a chest/abdomin CT, and comprehensive bloodwork - all negative for anything unusual. They gave me adavair as a perscription to sedate me, as they figured since my fever was now under 100, I was stressing myself into high fevers. I had fevers in the 100-101 range the next three days - taking only a combo of advil and tylenol and the adavair if I started breathing rapidly as needed.

My follow up visit my temp was back up to the 102-103 range, I'd now developed a cough and was still throwing up and had diarrhea now. I was put on amoxycilin, told to use cough drops and robitussin for the cough, because he figured I had a throat and stomach virus - not the flu or a common cold, and wondered why the hospital didn't perscribe me any antibiotics.

A few days later, I was back at the doctors office. My cough was more violent, I was tired and had no energy, and I was belching bile. My regular doctor was out of the office so I saw the doctor on call. He figured I had mono, I did the bloodwork - no mono. I was prescribed prilosec for the belching and tussionex suppressent for the cough - it didn't stop the cough in the least bit.

A few days later on another follow up visit, because I was throwing up with blood in it, had loose stools with blood in them, and was urinating blood - along with having odd pain in my abdomin, and having everything taste acidic and bitter I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection - Levaquin prescribed, acid reflux - off Prilosec on Prevacid, ordered for bloodwork, a stool sampling of 2 days, and a chest x-ray and CT scan on abdomin. I was also put on a liquid diet for a week.

Three days later back in the doctors office, told I had a kidney stone in my left uretor, I pointed directly to where it was he checked the CT and asked how I knew, I told him - "This makes #65 after a while you just know," and that I now have two inguinale hernias. I was prescribed percocept for pain - because I told him I don't do well with vicodin or oxycotin. He also gave me a Z-pack antibiodic. Only took 1 percocept, when my body felt like there were bubbles that were bursting inside my intestines area on my left side. As I haven't taken painkiller for kidney stones in about 2-3 years.

Finished the z-pack and the levaquin and started feeling better for about 2 days. Then I started getting horrible abdominal cramping from what felt like gas. This went on and off for a day, then the diarrhea was back in full force. A few days later I was back to throwing up, my fever was back in the 102-103 range (after being in the 98-100 range the last few days). My cough was getting worse and was feeling like my lungs were exploding every time I coughed. My tongue turned, white, then yellow, then green. So back to the doctor I headed.

I was prescribed Flagyl as an antibiotic, Tussen Pearls to suppress the cough, and a Proventil Aerosol Inhalor to help with the cough, too. The next day I took another Percocept as the bubble bursting was going on again, this time in 5 places (right below my bottom left rib around where my uretor starts from the kidney, about an inch to the left of where my uretor meets my bladder on the left side, about an inch above my belly button, right on top of my tail bone, and approximately an inch above where your appendix is on the right side. I also took all the new meds for the first time, too. Within a few hours I was having a heck of a time breathing and swallowing. I looked at my tongue in the mirror and it seemed really swollen. I called the doctors office made the soonest appointment, drove there by myself - having a hard time because I was light headed now and having trouble breathing. Got to the doctors office. Apparently passed out as I was only getting 25% oxygen content - had the EMTs come and they had to force feed me oxygen through a tube. Once I got to the hospital I was treated for an allergic reaction, which they and I believed after their convincing to be the percocept - although I'd never had problems with it before. I did some blood work and something came back slightly wrong, to where they feared I might be forming blood clots in my lungs. I'm allergic to iodine, so they had to use nuclear medicine and they did a lung CT, which showed my lungs were working fine with no signs of clotting. I was told before I left that if I started having this happen again to triple dose benadryl and if that didn't work to come back to the ER. I actually felt 100% healty after leaving the ER. Put on a liquid diet again.

Next day, same thing started happening. Triple dosed benadryl and I was fine after an hour. Called the doctor, he took me off all the new meds as he was afraid I was going to have a potentially fatal reaction next time - something the ER doctors told me could have happened the first time if I hadn't been lucky enough to be at the doctors office. However the abdominal cramping and the cough were back with a vengence.

Two days later I was back to throwing up again. I was put on promethazine to stop it. It worked. My fevers were finally back down below 99, and stayed that way for another few days. Then I had a temp of 105.1, I went to the doctors office and put in a tub for four hours while a nurse monitored me, until I was down below 100 - they gave me a few meds, but I don't know what they were.

On my next follow up visit, my doctor said he and the ER doctor had talked a great deal about me. The ER doctor figured I might have cancer (which still isn't 100% ruled out), but with all the tests they've done and nothing showing up as a sign to it yet, they both decided I need to see an Infectious Disease Specialist - after I'd originally been told that I should see an ENT specialist. That appointment couldn't be made until January 13th, which at the time was 4 weeks away. I did some research and found a few more IDS within a 2 hour drive, but apparently none can see me sooner, as most only work out of their hospitals and will be unlikely to see me even if I show up in their hospitals ERs. Told to go on a liquid diet whenever I start throwing up - especially if there's blood in it, which has happened at least 1/2 the time I throw up.

Its now a week later and I'm starting to throw up again, even on promethazine, I'm still having on and off again diarrhea, lose stools, floating stools, and green stools, my fevers have been in the 100-103 range all week, my abdominal pains have been scoring in the 8-10 range (which for me is ridiculous as my pain tolerance is off the charts from all the kidney stones - my doctors don't generally even ask what pain levels I'm at as I don't really have a good grasp for it and they tell me whatever I tell them they usually add 3-4 points to whatever I say) - the best way I can describe it is as sharp quick pains and pains that feel like what boiling tar bubbles look like when they burst, I've been waking up completely drenched in sweat (something that has happened on and off throughout usually when I'm over 102.5), I get the chills still, my cough has mutated from normal sounding to sounding more like I'm either quacking like a duck, choking, or sneezing - my co-workers say it sounds like what a dead person would sound like coughing, I have no energy, my appetite goes from ravinish to non-existant, I get dizzy, and this entire time my urinary cycle has been messed up - as sometimes I urinate way too frequently - every 15 minutes with a full urine, and others I don't urinate for hours on end (10-15) - where I usually go every 4-5 hours even waking up from sleep. My mouth also feels weird, as my tongue or epiglotis feels like it is being swallowed down my throat or that something is stuck on the back of it trying to be swallowed.

The doctors have ruled out parasites, they did fix my urinary tract infection as there is no longer blood in my urine or pain when I pee, I passed the kidney stone, and the acid reflux medicine has made the acid belches and acidic taste in my mouth go away. They can't explain anything else, and are hoping the infectious disease specialist can. However it's 21 more days before I get to see them, and I'm tired of feeling this way.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be? One so I might be able to get my local doctors to try other things, and two so when I do see the specialist, I might have some ideas to help her get me well more quickly.

Please, I really need help!

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