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Ongoing Range of Symptoms

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  • Posted By: ruth40
  • March 26, 2008
  • 02:46 PM

Hi I have had symptoms for over 10 years with no diagnosis, so I'm not sure anyone can help - but I thought I would try.

I am a 41 year old woman. Over 10 years ago I started getting a number of irritating but small symptoms. These were regular sore throats, patches of numbness on right thigh, slight stiffness in the morning, and tiredness. I was then diagnosed with bronchiecstasis (lung damage - and no I don't smoke) and then an underactive thyroid.

Meantime other symptoms started coming. These were sudden bladder incontinence that came and went e.g. for a day I was totally incontinent, and then got better itself, another time I was nearly totally incontinent for about 6 months. Also slight bowel incontinence e.g. slight bit of faeces coming out, but just enough to have to wipe myself in the toilet rather than change clothes. Also lots of tingling feelings down a lot of my right hand side and especially bad in my face -seems to radiate from my eye sometimes or from my ear. Also got lots of small electrical shocks. Felt ill and tired.

The tingling slowly over a couple of years turned into a burning pain and other symptoms came and went (as well as those mentioned above). These are:

intermittent hair loss
finding it hard to think
feeling very out of it
slight pain in my joints especially fingers
redness in my face especially in my right cheek - and often feels very warm
shivery one minute, too hot the next
aching in my joints - as you do when you have flu
calfs aching after walking for about 5 minutes
feeling suddenly very depressed and then suddenly feeling fine again
pain in my abdomen that often radiates through to my back
fatigue in my arms and hands e.g. finding it difficult to wash hair as arms get tired putting them above my head
cold hands and fingers

Sorry for a long list but it is hard to know what is important and what is not. I have had an MRI and lumbar puncture to rule out multiple sclerosis, a scan in my abdomen, a number of blood tests twice to rule out lupus and a whole range of blood counts. Nothing has ever been abnormal.

It seems as if I can be pretty well for a long time - up to 9 months. Then the only symptoms I get are the burning pain and numbness. Then I seem to get periods where I am ill and I get all or a range of the above symptoms coming and going until I get 'better' again. Dr and Consultant accept I have a physical illness but say they don't know what is causing it. Any ideas?

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