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Numbness, hot sensations spreading through body

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  • Posted By: KangaStu
  • November 19, 2008
  • 10:20 PM


Two years ago I woke up one morning and the left side of my tongue was completely slack. I had MRI, CT Scan, lots of blood tests, two lumbar punctures, many physical exams. I was admitted to a specialist Neurology ward at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. Over that week, numbness spread from the left corner of my mouth, gradually spreading over the left side of my head. I had about 60% numbness, and the vision in my left eye was effected. No muscle strength changes, other than in my tongue were experienced.

After a week, I was sent home. They said I may have had a virus, but they didn't know,.'Hopefully it will get better'.

about a year ago I was concerned that my memory was being effected. The numbness in the left of my head reduced to about20%, and the use of my tongue improved, but was still not back no normal. I spent several hours with a Clinical Neuropsycologist having cognitive testing. She said that all was OK, but that she thought that I was suffering from depression.

I carried on ...

About 7 weeks ago at work, I suddenly felt a very hot sensation in a patch on the right side of the shin of my right leg. I thought that I had lent on a hot motor. There was nothing there. Over a week, the sensations spread down to the right side of my right foot, and up to my knee. The initial patch feels very hot, as hot as if a hot water bottle was held against my leg, but in the rest of my leg it feels like the heat from a massage oil like tiger balm of eucalyptus oil.

The numbness in my face got worse again too. Some times I can't feel my left eye blink. My tongue has also lost some strength.

In the few weeks since, the numbness in my right leg has spread halfway up my thigh. Then, very quickly, hot/cold sensations and numbness appeared in my left leg. In 3 days, it went from a numb patch about 10 inches across above my knee, to effecting my whole left leg up to my hip joint. I also think that my left arm is effected.

I was tested for heavy metal poisoning a couple of days ago. A urine test. It showed that my zinc levels are very high in my urine.

Three days ago I noticed that the sensation inside my mouth, on the left side, was reduced, and also in my throat. I left work and went up to the Emergency Department at my local hospital. I had a full exam and they took full bloods. They are also testing heavy metal levels in my blood. They have already ruled out MS. I have also had another MRI of my head and upper spine,which showed nothing abnormal. I am still waiting for the blood results.

I have been examined by nearly 30 doctors in the last two years, and none of them have been able to give me a diagnosis. Can you suggest anything else that I could get them to look at? I am obviously getting pretty stressed as more of my body is effected.

Thankyou :confused:

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