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numbness and bruising of limbs

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 19, 2008
  • 06:23 AM

For about the last three years or so I've been experiencing all sorts of odd sensations in my arms and legs at night. I wake up multiple times every single night because my limbs go completely numb in my sleep and I have to get up and flail them around in order to regain sensation. I've even gone as far as to fling my deadened arms into the wall and headboard of my bed repeatedly in order to get the blood flowing again. Sometimes it seems like nothing else works. Needless to say, I'm getting really sick of this nightly ritual.

Lately I've been noticing this problem surfacing in my wakeful hours as well. Whenever I am in a sitting position I find myself unable to sit still because my legs immediately start to tingle and prickle. Going to see movies with my friends or sitting through long award ceremonies is like torture for me. I just can't sit still! It's too painful and uncomfortable.

Even when both legs are uncrossed and stretched out straight before me, my right leg has a tendency to go completely numb on me for no apparent reason. The problem with my right leg has only really started to get bad in the last couple months or so, but it's really worrying me because I'm only 18 and I shouldn't be having these types of circulation issues at all.

I should also probably mention that I often wake up in the morning with a multitude of tiny thumbprint sized bruises coating my legs. These bruises come out of no where and rarely hurt when I apply pressure to them. I've always been quick to bruise, but these unexplained constellations of bruises on my legs just seem suspicious to me. I have a family history of both type 1 and 2 diabetes, but I exercise daily and am not obese or even chubby. I eat a healthy diet and my glucose levels are consistently at a normal level.

I've also experienced quite a bit of cramping and spasming in my feet and calves in the past, but recently the calf spasming has calmed down and I'm just having issues with my toes cramping up at random moments. I'm not really an athlete, but I walk about two or three miles everyday and stretch out before every walk and yet I'm still having all these weird circulation problems. Hopefully someone might know what's going on with this or have a suggestion for me. I just want to be able to sit through and movie and sleep through the night for once without having to worry about my arms and legs going numb!

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