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  • Posted By: Revan46
  • January 14, 2009
  • 09:05 AM

Hi there,
On Christmas Eve just recently my anal ring was very sensitive and slightly sore. On Christmas Day I wound up having diarrhea but it wasn't of a watery texture, it just simply was solid yet was expelled smoothly, except I had about 6 bowel movements during the day. The next day I had bad cramps that lasted most of the day up until I went to work and then it pretty much disappeared for the rest of the night. Two days later our house had a flood and when cleaning the carpets using a wet-vacuum type machine I started gagging and noticed my uvula was swollen. I went to the hospital and had a throat swab done but since I didn't get a call it must have been as they said, bacteria had attached to it and caused swelling or something may have irritated it. As the days went by I slowly started feeling better once more.

Just yesterday however (Tuesday) I once again had a bowel movement except this time when wiping I continued getting trace on the paper and went through about four flushes before it was okay. Except now the ring is once again very sensitive, and once or twice I'm getting a few red dots (very small but seeable) on the toilet paper.

Also I have eczema (I believe it's eczema as it is in the same place it reappears every so often) on my belt line area stretching from just below my belly button to just above the pubic region. As well, it's merely a red rash, no raised bumps, the skin is simply red.

Finally my last "symptom" is whenever I scratch my rash, I get this odd feeling in the centre of my body above my stomach but below my heart and chest, pretty much right in the centre of my upper torso. It's almost like a craving and often it's kind of a craving of food because once I eat it disappears, but sometimes it even disappears just when I'm not scratching, like right now. I really don't know what is wrong with me or what is happening with me and I'm worried just because I'm 'in the dark' if you could call it. I also am a hypochondriac so all these sorts of things are causing me anxiety.

If someone could return I would appreciate it.

P.S. I feel I should also mention I am gay and am the receptive partner and recently had sex during the beginning of December with a close friend. I'm not sure if it's possible of irritation from that, or something else. He was tested and it came back negative, I was there when he got the results, so I'm assuming and hoping it doesn't have anything to do with HIV (from a possible false negative or something like that). Again I'm a hypochondriac and it's possible none of these symptoms I've described have anything to do with HIV whatsoever.

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