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Non-IGE mediated anaphylaxsis-type symptoms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 24, 2009
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Non-IGE mediated anaphylaxsis-type symptoms

About 3 years I ago stopped eating wheat and cheese. June 2008 reactions to peanuts were tachycardia, arrhythmia and Esophagus/trachea tightness, and other anaphylaxis type symptoms.

I have had 7 series of blood tests: allergies, basic, kidney, liver, full food, during past 9 months. The allergist does not think these are IGE mediated responses.

I had a colonoscopy 1.5 years ago. Normal.

Starting last summer with peanuts and soy bean I have periods of pounding arrhythmia (59 to 140 bpm) and "light headedness."

One of the most unhappy feelings is awakening totally exhausted. (No signs of apnea.)

What mechanism other than Histamine/IGE can generate anaphylaxis-type symptoms?

"irritable Bowel syndrome" diarrhea, constipation
sinus pressure / drainage intermittent not nasal
reduced much after eliminating wheat, peanuts
inner ear, left side, swelling, duller hearing, intermittent
sensitive to noise, ie., using phone
heart feeling a little squeeze/missed beat: was rare, momentary
tachycardia, arrhythmia
pre-migraine event, with eye distortion, slight head-ache after, rare:
months between incidents
General Malaise Feeling like having a cold: almost woozy

watery/burning eyes occasional
Occasional: little bump under left upper eye lid
Urination: increases after some foods: not determined
Hives on fingers: not since stopped eating peanuts

Latest: left eye: feels like swelling from behind, slight pain
lid twitching
slightly watery / burning: not right eye
Wheat fatigue
cheese left ear "swells"
Peanuts / Soy
Esophagus/trachea tight
fast/erratic heartbeat
fatigue (upon waking) and constant
little bumps (hives?) on fingers
light headed -- not dizzy
low level head-ache
Peanuts / cashew: as above
about 2 years+ noticed feeling bad after eating chinese/thai food
Soy, soy oil, lecithin
stopped eating chocolate, Newman's Wheat free "O's" , Fig Newmans
Safflower Oil: malaise, arrhythmia
cookies, kettle chips

Beans: garbanzo/fava, lentils intestinal reaction, and overall yucky
Since last summer red beans, lentils,
Cured meats: avoiding nitrate, nitrites: sausages, bacon,...
(have not eaten mammals for 40 years)
Grains: rye, barley: rye seams to generate symptoms lately
alcohol: I will awaken with fast heartbeat about 3am, feelings of anxiety

Coffee: 1/2 caffeine, gourmet, organic: mornings: cannot be sure
Grains and seeds OK: buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, oats, sunflower

skin tests: slight for dust mites, two kinds; slightly for grass
blood tests: IGE 107 only reading out of "normal" range
specific foods: complete blood tests: no IGE reactions
all general tests normal
kidney, liver,... life insurance tests: normal
Heart: electro, and echo with dye: just fine

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