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No periods, no sex drive, big weight gain!

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  • Posted By: candigrll
  • May 28, 2008
  • 04:52 AM

I am a 32 yo female, and I used to be happy, free-spirited, outgoing and adventurous. Something bad is going oninside of me, and I need some help to figure it out....

Two years ago, I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. I have a few bouts of depression in the past ( moslty brought on by situations as the sdden loss of a family member) but I was taking zoloft and it was working wonderfully. Eight years ago, my gallbladder was removed due to an infetion, and Five years ago, my appendix followed.)

After a difficult pregnancy (6 months of morning sickness, then 3 months os bedrest due to high blood pressure, followed by a rare case of postpardum toxemia), I lapsed into severe postpardum depression, which I tired to self medicate with pain pills ( bad idea). I went through several antidepressants (zoloft to wellbutrin) until I landed on Cymbalta, which seemed to at least offer some help.

However, lots of other things are wrong, and here is the list:
1. No period: I thought it might be thyriod related, but I've had 2 TSH tests , 3rd generation( one from my gyno, on form my GP) at 1.73, which is on the low end of NL. My gyno said it was prob because I was still nursing off and on, and put me on the Mirena IUD. I've now had a period off and on for 6 weeks, which is NL with Mirena, but artificially induced none the less.

2. NO sex drive: Before the baby, I had a very actve sex drive. My husband and I would occational swing, and I was sexually attracted to both males and females. And now, sex is an absolute chore and I am almost repulsed by it at times. My old gyno said this is typical in sleep deprived first time moms, and I should try harder to make time with my husband ( I wanted to kick him) I guess I should try harder to get my period to start too, huh?:p

3. Excessive sweating: After working out, it looks like I have bee swimming. My electric bill isthrough the roof because I'm in Houston andit's hot here anyway!

4 Weight gain: I initially last the 50 lbs of baby weight after the first six months. About a year ago, itstarted climbing and climbing and now I am 5'1 and 170lbs. As the weight went up, I began to get more and more careful about watching my calories, and as of last week, I was weight training for an hour a day 3x week, doing the elliptical 45mins 6x a week, in addition to chasing a toddler. My weight still goes up about 1/2lb per month. How much harder can I try than that?

I still feel a little depressed, and recently I have been having bouts of muscle weakness that have been getting worse and longer, almost flu wothout the pain. I still have the HTN form the pregnancy too, and prob form the weight gain.

I hae also had joint pain, co0nfusion and lethargy, especially when I wake up in the morning. Atfirst, I thought I was just getting old, but it gets worse over time.

Oh, and my resting pulse is freaking 120!!!!!:eek:

does ANYBODY have any idea what is goign on withme? I would almost believe that I'm crazy, but so much of tis stuff is physical, and I remember what it was like to be ME! and I am not ME!

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