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No answers for over a year... HELP!

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  • Posted By: nicoizzo33
  • December 1, 2008
  • 07:28 PM

I have been experiencing an ongoing leg pain problem for ever a year now. It is extremely painful, and I need help!!!

This started in August 2007. I had not been doing anything extreme that would bring on any kind of pain at all, however, on a Friday morning I had pain in my right thigh. It felt like muscle soreness, so I brushed it off. But by Sunday, it had not gone away and was getting significantly worse, and had also moved down into my right calf. Thigh did not hurt at all anymore. It was very hard to walk, I had to limp. When I tried to just forget the pain and walk normal.... it was like my leg had "forgotten" how to walk! I went to the ER, where I got an ultrasound on both legs, top to bottom, that came up clear. No answers.

Since then, the same thing has flared up in my right calf, in the same exact place every time, about once or twice a month since then. Each flare up lasting from 3 - 4 days in length.


-Pain in right calf - ranges from blunt pain to "stabbing" pain. very extreme.

-Muscle spasms in the right calf area.... very painful.

I kept a diary for several months, and found nothing that seemed to cause the flare ups. They are so random.


-MRI - brain, lumbar spine, leg.... all came up normal.

-A ton of blood tests... the only thing found was an elevated ANA level, but I was tested more for Lupus, and was told that is not the problem.

-Numerous neurological tests that showed no nerve damage in the leg.

.... I'm very confused, and nobody has been able to help me. I have seem a Neurologist, Rheumatologist, my Primary Care Physician, and numerous other doctors.

This last month, I developed a new problem. I'm not sure if it is related to the leg issue... On the palms of both hands, I get this white wrinkling stuff that is very strange. It flares up when my hands come in contact with water for only a minute or two. It starts to hurt with a sort of burning sensation. After about 30-45 min. after water exposure, it goes away almost completely. Last night (3 weeks after onset) I got red spots all over my palms that were painful. Sort of a blister-like pain. They spots have gone away now, but I still have the pain. I got a biopsy for the white stuff a few weeks ago, but the Dermatologist did not agree with the results, and said he has only seen cases like it a couple of times. This is only happening on my palms, nowhere else. No answers, again.


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