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Negative for hyperthyroidism/bone pain

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  • Posted By: Feelthy
  • September 19, 2008
  • 06:19 PM

I was hoping that somebody has gone through some of the crap I've gone through and could help me get some answers. (Isn't that why we're all here?) Anyways I've been tested for hyperthyroidism twice both times resulting in normal thyroid levles. I have heard that the smptoms of hyperthyroidism are very similar to those of a B12 deficiency. This theory doesn't seem to make as much sense to me because I eat my fair share of meat and protiens. So I was wondering are their cases where the body doesn't produce the right amount of a single vitamin or a vitamin group. If so that should be related to the same concept that the body was metabolizing too fast and not extracting the proper intake of vitamins and nutrients it needs. Thus beginning at hyperthyrodism right? I am positive that I have a (hopefully treatable) disease. The underling factor being I only get enough of these nutrients to pass on appearence as healthy, but really in life struggling. I don't know of what else defines these symptoms other than hyperthyroidism. Fatigue, light headedness, tremors, allegies, slightly high blood pressure and fast heart beats, palpitations, my skin, hair, nails, and bone desity are thin or below average, slow healing, depression, and intense bone pain.
I often get intense pains in my bones and joints at random without rash explanation. Just two days ago my shins and knees hurt so bad all I wanted to do was sleep so I didn't have to live with the pain. All I did to put any stress on them was play a few games of horse shoes and walk about four miles; over a period of time too, not a four mile hike. The pains began before the walks anyhow and just progressed through the day 'til night where I theraputically rubbed the ***l out of them. The next day leading up to now my left hip has been hurting the same. Much less now, but yester day very badly and after I go for a long walk probably worse. Usually these kind of bone pains manifest themselves in my forearms and partially my elbows or entire arm. Even on occasion I'll feel it in my chestplate when it's occuring in my arms. Again with no trama inflicted on my body when this happens and when I do hurt myself it's really unbearable. This bone pain occurs randomly usually for days at a time. With a void never out lasting two weeks. I would guess more or less every other week. I've been experiencing these things for easily three or four years. I've been to the doctor several times complaining about my excessive metabolic rate and bone pain. Looking for answers both seperate and introduced together. I cannot get an answer or even a guess for that matter, outside the "impossibility" of hyperthyroidism. My doctor just writes me off as a hypocondriac, but I won't argue that I haven't become obsessed with my illnesses driven by pain and the the want of a normal life. Please Help! What other than hyperthyroidism can be causing these symptoms. Is it likely the bone pain is related to my metabolism like if figure? If not what can explain either of them? I also have a severe case of esophagitis which has caused me to be unable to eat and drink a lot of good foods and smoking and alchahol are a defenite no. Male, 20 yrs. old, 6'1", and '172 lbs.

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