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nausea, fatigue, radically changed taste in mouth... please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 2, 2007
  • 00:59 PM

Please help me!
I'm 30 years old, male 30, no history of diseases really.
Now i'm really ill, and all the doctors say different things.

I had two minor „blackouts“ last summer. Both times while walking stairs during long distance walks, both times without eating that much. After drinking and sleeping it went away pretty quickly.
At that time a weird kind of smell appeared in my mouth, and i've had it since. It's just getting worse, sort of sweet, butterish, like it tastes when u have a cold.

Now, Dec 30 attack three comes. I'm carrying heavy boxes and suddenly i get a wild nausea, start sweating and have to sit down. I went a sleep for the rest of the day.
After that my life has been ***l.
# my hands and neck are SHAKING after activity, usually even when i wake up
# i feel constantly SEA SICK, even more so when moving/riding cars etc. (its cool when i lay down). Nausea increases from activity.
# severe muscle fatigue
# peep sounds in my nose (for 5 months!!!)
# cracking stiff neck and pain, to the point that sometimes i can hardly move it.
# HANDS get cold when lifting them for like 2 minutes
# i'm extremely HUNGRY, eat like 6 times a day, and whenever i fail to eat i get sweaty, nervous, pale and totally helpless.
# sound sensitive with a horrible shaking in the ear
# i'm NOT sleep-tired (i sleep 9 hours a day, never during the days)

i've had some difficulties health wise over the last 10 years
# i've had recurring chest discomfort when breathing in for almost 10 years (like 10 times a year)
# i've had muscle pain in the back and neck, worsening when resting. Nausea and „bad stomach“ for the first 2 hours a day.
# if i sit down in a bad position for like 20 minutes i get terrible pains.
# i've therefore been tested for morbus bechtrews (negative) and reumatic diseases (neg).
# i've been mysteriously tired in the morning+afternoon, but very awake in the evening
# hypocondriac or not, i've always felt there's somethings systemically wrong with me.

i've seen a whole lot of doctors and specialists in 5 months. They all say different things.
# one says lyme's. I tested negative in the standard test.
# one says stress. Thing is i'm not stressed, not depressed. I DID work a lot during 3 months fall of 2006 but that was for THREE months. I'm usually a slacker taking 12 weeks vacation during the summer and things like that.
# third one says mercury poisioning
# fourth says it's a mystery, cant help you
# last one says post-viral fatigue.

Excuse me for the long post, just thought i'd tell as much as i can.

Can anyone please help me?
What doctors/alternative medicine guy is right???
what should i do?
My house doctors claims it's stress (because of all the normal blood tests etc) so i've started doing yoga, drinking anti stress-tea and seeing a psychologist (we have nothing to talk about except for daily events and movies).

Please help me! I'm getting tired of this mystery.

Best /nikl

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