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My Life Is A Living ***l.please Help.

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  • Posted By: GotHealth????
  • January 14, 2008
  • 05:19 AM

Up until I was 16 years old I never understood what bad health was.I always heard people say to someone going through a hard time "atleast you got your health" and I thought that didn't make sense.This person lost there job and your telling them atleast they have there health.EVERYONE HAS THERE HEALTH.Atleast thats what I thought back then.I've never been to a hospital
other then when I was born.I've had very good health all my life.Symptoms I have collected over the years that I still have with no diagnosis.
heat intolerance/musty body odor 97
Emotions amplified Fear,Anxiety,Nervousness 98
Brain fog unable to concentrate 98
body acne 99
Heart murmur/ 99
shortness of breath/chest pain 00
palpatations 00
incomplete evacuation/fecal bodyodor after bowel movement 01
Emotions prduced heavy sweating(anxiety,nervousness,excited) 01
chest discomfort after drinking alcohol the next day 01
alcohol intolerance dropped.Started to black out alot even when drinking as
little as 5 to 6 beers.02
Anxiety,nervousness,fear caused me to feel like I was going to have a bowel movemnt I had to fight it back. 03
lifting small objects (i.e a box with a laptop in it)for 5 mins made me sweat heavly and caused feces type body odor. 03
drinking alcohol caused musty bodyodor.04
feces body odor alternating with musty body odor.04
drinking alcohol caused feces body odor 05
ingesting food made me feel like I had to have a bowel movement right away.05
ingesting food no matter what it was caused feces body odor 06
Bowel movements not solid kind of watery and extremly foul smelling. 07

All of these symptoms are hitting me at the same time and I haven't been the same since I was 16.My social life is non-existant.I dodge my friends and have missed some of there weddings and child births.I get this feeling like I don't know them anymore whenever I'm around them.Its like my world stopped while everyone elses just kept going.My best friend confided in me last year that he was going to marry his girlfriend in a quiet ceremony just for close friends and immediate family members and I don't know if he did or not.I haven't spoken to him since last march.I don't realize how much time I've been not around my friends till they all start talking bout the things they have done and alot of things get brought up.Havent travled anywhere in forever.I'm almost 30 years old and I haven't had that expirence most early and mid 20 something people have.I have been going to doctors for like 9 years and they haven't told me a ***n thing.I've had chest x-rays,abdominal ct scans,stress tests for my murmur,thyroid tests,colonoscopy, and am/pm blood cortisol tests.The cortisol test is the only one that has came back abnormal.
My pm cortisol was 21.7.The doctor got the tests and never mentioned it.I came back to him after I discovered the result was abnormal and he told me I was okay.6 months later I had the test done again with a different doctor with the extact same result and he told me I was okay to.I'm running outta options.I feel like i'm going to die sometmes and I can't do anything about it.I haven't been happy in years.I CAN NOT GO ON LIKE THIS.I am so angry with how my life is going.Can anyone offer me any advice.Can you recommend doctors that give a ***n about there patients.I live in maryland if that helps.When the weather gets warmer my sweating and feces/musty body odor gets worse.I NEED HELP.

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