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my invisivle illness :( please help

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  • Posted By: sukrish
  • January 18, 2009
  • 03:56 PM

my name is susy and im 22 years old
i ve been sick for about 10 months and im not any better :S
my first symptom was : problems with my head , like pressure in one side of my head , like my skin or muscle as stuck i dont real know....i went to a doctor who used to be my pediatrician , and he was a litle worried , and at the same day he preformed a ct scan of the brain , two days later he calls me and tell me that my brain dont have any lesions , and he refered me to a neurologist , the neurologist did some phisical tests , and he saw my ct scan as well!!
he thinks that im with some kind of depression , i take the antidepressants for 3 months and then i came back to his office , so he thougth its was kinda strage because i didnt react to sertraline a good antidepressant so a week later he preformed i MRI of the brain ,,and came back clear :) so no MS ...
then after the results he sent me to a shrink ..but nothing change :S
i had many blood work done , everything is normal , but im getting worse and im really week , sometimes i cannot get up :S its really frustrating ..
well i forgot to mention somethinng ...in my blood work my ANA test came back positive ...but my Anti dna is negative...
well this is really strange ,,,and im with a feeling that im going to die at any momment ..
now im with the same problem in my head but i get another issues , my stomach hurts and i feel nauseaus 24 hours per day , im having abdominal disconfort , and intestinal problems!!!
i dont have skin problems , rashes or red spot in my body , my body dont hurts at all , my fingers dont change colors ...so i think i dont match with lupus or scleroderma i dont know ..do you think i have any of this desises????
they preformed a lot of exames on me like:
*Complete blood work and urine tests
*chest x-ray------normal
*mri and ct scan of the brain--------------normal
*upper endoscopy-----------no lesions on my esophagous , they notice some inflamation on my stomach(gastritis and biliar reflux)
*2 ultrasound of the abdomen and kidneys------------normal
*ANA POSITIVE Anti DNA negative
what should i do know??
well i will see soon in the hospital a specialist in auto imune disorders...
:( what do u think i have ???
my familiar doctor , keep sayin to me that i have a big depression , thats not a lie now ,,,but the only reason for my depression is not knowing what is happening to my body :mad: she says not to worry about it cuz i dont have a serious problem ....i dont belive her :S if i dont have a serious problem why she send me to a auto imune especialist???


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