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My doctors can't figure me out..someone help!

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  • Posted By: Sicilia
  • July 24, 2008
  • 07:23 AM

I am a 20 year old female and have started exhibiting symptoms that I still cannot get a diagnosis for. They have been getting progressively worse over time. I have seen two neurologists and both have released me as they are unable to diagnose my problem. I have had brain MRI, EEG, multiple blood tests including calcium, magnesium, copper levels, tested for hypo/hyperthyroidism--all tests came out negative and my levels were normal. Blood pressure, blood counts, all are normal. I have been tested for all major food allergies and do not have any.

I am a college student with an active social life, caring boyfriend, supportive family, and a generally positive and optimistic attitude. I have taken an MMPI test to rule out any kind of psychological disorder or trauma and it came out normal. My doctor and psychologist says it's stress, but I am a really easygoing person, with no history of trauma or depression, and I have never had this problem up until now.

I have "attacks" with crazy muscle spasms where my body will go into contortions if I try to relax my muscles. My jaw, muscles around my mouth, face, eyelids, neck, arms, hands, fingers, hip, legs, and feet with tic or ***k in rhythmic motions or pull in a certain direction, twist or conform or move in unpredictable ways. I look like someone suffering from dystonia. The only difference is that if I distract myself I can make it stop, so I don't feel as if it is a type of movement disorder because it is not -completely- involuntary. I feel as if I cannot rest at the basal level, as if I always have energy that needs to be released and twitching is how my body accomplishes that.

If I see repeated flashes of light, see things move too quickly or watch movies with shaky or funny camera angles, hear startling noises, loud noise, or even if I think about my problems their intensity increases and my body twitches violently. If I try to hold my hand in a certain position for an extended period of time it will resist after a while and shake violently. At the same time, however, just sitting enjoying a relaxing meal can yield a similar result.

I have a "drunkard" gait pattern sometimes, as my quadriceps will contract while I am walking and throw me off balance. If I don't let my legs or arms twitch in a resting position I will sometimes feel pain in them. My brain feels "foggy" sometimes. I have poor motivation and I am tired or generally feel unexcited about things a lot of the time. If my attacks get really bad, they start affecting my vocal cords, and I will start to utter vowel sounds or moan to release the tension in my vocal cords.

Another peculiar thing is that I can rest my hand but if I just think in my head about performing a specific action, like pointing to a wall, my arm will at first start to shake and lift up and my fingers will move until that position is attained, without me moving it intentionally. Also, if, say, my jaw is opening and closing, I can think to myself "move away from the jaw..." then it will leave the jaw and another part of my body will start to be affected.

When I have attacks I feel suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of sadness or fear, something that most would describe as "anxiety". My stomach will get all jumpy and I will feel nauseous. These feelings can last for seconds, minutes, or hours. It's not that I AM scared, because usually during attacks mentally I am quite calm--Its just that I FEEL scared and have to constantly remind myself that I am going to be OK.

I feel the urge to urinate quite frequently. If I am trying to sleep I have to ignore it or else I will keep getting up every five minutes to go to the bathroom. I wake up often several times during the night to relieve myself.

I have peculiar thoughts enter my head at times. I feel like I am losing myself at others.

I am about 20 pounds overweight and my stomach bloats up easily after eating a meal. I have tried reducing dairy intake and that seems to have helped.

I KNOW that there MUST be a root cause to all of this, whether it be a chemical imbalance, systemic probvlem, deficiency, toxin, parasite or other. I want to know what tests I can have done to rule out other things, or if anyone has any idea what mechanisms in my body would induce this over-excited state. If ANYONE is reading this I would really appreciate a response, as seeing specialists has proven quite useless up until now and all it has done has cost me a lot of time and money and given me little hope.

I appreciate your time, Sicilia

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