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My doctors can't figure it out... please help, I am tired of feeling this way

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  • Posted By: Ravenstar6
  • May 13, 2008
  • 05:56 PM

I hope someone can help me... so far, the doctors haven't. I have been sick for almost 3 months now, and I am tired of feeling this way. I've always come down with stuff easily, but whatever this last thing is.... I just don't know. :confused:

I've had a recurrentsinus infection in November, and was put on numerous antibiotics, only to have it keep coming back... then I was sent to an ENT who orders a CAT scan which shows little in my sinuses. By this time the sinus infection was pretty much gone anyways, but the ENT sent me to a neurologist to make sure there was nothing wrong causing my sinus issues. It took a while to get into him, and by that time, I needed to see him anyways for what else was going on!

This last time I came down with something, all the nodes in my neck swelled up, and it hurt to swallow - all I could feel were lumps. Under my jaw hurt all the way to the top of my shoulders, and even my gums were swollen. The doctor just said, "it's viral, it should go away in a couple weeks." That was at least 8 - 10 weeks ago... the lumps have gone away for the most part, although there is still one spot in my neck that hurts off and on, sometimes just breathing makes it hurt.... but since then I have had a pressure headache almost 24/7, palpitations, pains in my neck, chest, shoulders and arms, and vision problems, including a marked increase in eye floaters, blurry vision, and now, for the last 2 weeks, twitching of my eyelid many many times a day.

My normally low blood pressure has been fluctuating from 89/60 to 137/95 - I've NEVER been that high. I've also developed a numb spot on my leg below my kneecap around the same time, and now there is a lump in that area. My digestive system doesn't seem to be acting like itself either, and my appetite has been fluctuating since this happened - plus I have lost around 10 pounds.

I've been sent for an MRI on my brain, which came back normal, and one of my back, which only said I had a small bulge in one disc that wasn't affecting anything. I am now on a heart monitor for a month because of frequent palpitations. My neurologist sent me for another MRI, this time on my neck. So far all I have heard from that is another small bulge in a disc, but it is not pressing on anything. I've also been sent for X-rays on the lump on my knee, and am waiting to hear back.

So far, all the docs are puzzled... and I am so frustrated... I just want to feel better again. :(

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