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My doctor has failed me

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  • Posted By: xmissxdanax
  • February 29, 2008
  • 04:25 PM

My doctor all but called me a hypochondriac yesterday, and I need help.

My symptoms, which have been going on and becoming more and more apparently in my everyday life, effecting my work, etc include:

weight gain, uncontrollable anxiety, panic attacks, libido loss, vaginal dryness, neck pain, facial muscle twitching, shoulder pain/twitching, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, heart palpitations, acid reflux, horrible gas, chronic diarhia/loose stool, bouts of constipation, change in body odor, change in breathe odor, change in hair texture, dandruff, worsening eczema, occasional chest pain, difficulty catching/holding breath, foul smelling urine with floating particles, chronic sinus infection, headaches, difficulty orgasming, vision changes - specifically in the right eye, muscle twitch next to right eye

I realize this is all across the board, which is the only things that really makes me wonder if I am just going crazy. Almost a year ago, a chiropractor did an x-ray on me which indicates thorasic scoliosis and phase 1, encroaching on phase 2 neck area degeneration. I had to stop seeing him because I felt he was making things worse. When I showed the x-rays to my GP yesterday, he accused me of slouching in the x-ray. I remember standing flat against the wall, so I couldn't have been slouching. When I asked for a new x-ray to confirm, he said no.

Hypo/Hyperthyroidism and Graves' Disease all run in my family, and I did a checklist to see if that might be my problem. I checked almost all the symptoms, and when I showed my doctor, he dismissed it, saying my test (which I didn't know he had run) came back within normal range. I was also checked for Lyme, and my initial test came back weakly positive while my Western Blot came back negative. I remember what could have been a bite, what became a small-bullseye rash on my rear. It only became painful because I thought it was a zip coming or a spider bite, and I tried to squeeze it.

I have been diagnosed with Vulvodynia, for which I use lidocaine as necessary, and chronic ear disease. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with cholestatoma after a wave had burst my eardrum and failed to heal properly. I have had 6 surgeries to try and reconstruct the hearing bones and ear drum. The new eardrum has dissentigrated every time. I have had chronic neck pain since my second to last surgery (May 2006) and ringing, draining, and loss of hearing since my last (August 2007). This may is our last attempt to fix it before my doctor gives up. I wonder if there is another condition impeding my healing and causing the new drum to fall apart.

My mom was also just diagnosed with lymphoma in the sacrum. She was misdiagnosed for over a year before a doctor finally sent her to the hospital and they found 2 giant tumors pressing on her spinal cord. I don't think my problems are so severe in comparison. This was the catalyst to finally say "enough is enough, I need a doctor to tell me what's going on." Putting me on Zoloft and telling me to go home aren't exactly the kind of confirmation I need.

I will answer any additional questions, I know this is a lot of information. I really appreciate any help anyone can give me. I'm female, I am 21, I don't smoke, I drink socially but lightly, I used to weight 140, now I weigh 190, and I'm 5'0", I have a desk job and I'm a part time student, nothing too strenuous. I'm engaged and happily so. My health concerns are affecting my relationship, and I just don't know what to do.

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