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My bones hurt! =(

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  • Posted By: k333ly
  • May 16, 2008
  • 04:04 PM

I'm really lazy and just copied this from an email I sent my old biology teacher...to see if he had an opinion. I have not been able to see a doctor for this, because I am currently without insurance....
My meds right now are
ortho tri cyclen and wellbutrin sr 150 mg x 2
no problems with the birth control ever, and have been on it for a few years....no problems with wellbutrin at all since january. I currently have been keeping a healthy diet, I excersize a lot , run a few times a week, take a multivitamin everyday! etc

It's Erin McElduff-
You're a very smart guy and know a lot about the human body!

Does this sound like anything serious?

*Rash when I get out of the shower, like tiny red spots all over. Doesn't last long.

*After drinking my lymph nodes are all swollen, kind of hurt but no really. The more drinks, the more swollen and painful. They've been swollen for months now anyways, but I have never been sick in at least 6 months. They haven't grown any though that I've noticed, they're just about an inch big, they just hurt more and are a bit more swollen after a few beers. Hard alcohol doesn't mess me up as much, but after a few beers my neck hurts so bad, like I pulled all the muscles in it. The day after it doesn't hurt as bad, just where my lymph nodes are.

*I had to leave work early the other day and for the past few days I can't catch my breath fully. With no physical activity to cause it- such as at work I was calling service customers and I couldn't leave a message without gasping for air. Still can't talk in full sentences

*I have some growing lump in my mouth (maybe an infected salivary gland??) It's on the floor of my mouth, near my gum line. It was the size of a pea and it was soft, now it's about an inch long and getting hard. Doesn't hurt though. It's not attached to anything though. so could it be a stone with blockage behind it? It just grew recently, I've had it for months. (which I doubt is totally related, but annoying. It doesn;t hurt at all)

*The worst part of it all is my BONES hurt! They really really hurt! It was just my one arm and now both my lower arms and my lower legs hurt constantly. ( I feel no pain in my joints however.)
It gets worse through the day and advil or ibuprofen does nothing. They're getting weaker and I'm getting really tired! I started randomly getting really painful shooting pains through up my leg without doing anything, almost makes me fall over. My arms are just incredibly achy! It may not be bones, but it doesn't feel like muscles or my whole arm. It's just a really deep throbbing annoying pain.

*I've always bruised really easy, but as never this bad. When I went running the other day I came home with golfball to baseball sized bruises ALL over my legs. I can't wear shorts without someone thinking I get abused.

I just really want my arms to stop hurting. My legs aren't as bad. It's really frustrating because I can't do anything and it's getting gradually worse. I'm only 20, I can't possibly have osteoporosis or arthritis could I? Or do I have some kind of evil virus??

Any input would be muchly appreciated!!! =] Thanks!

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