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My 5 yr old has seen 4 doctors and still no answers.

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  • Posted By: MomOf4Girls
  • January 10, 2009
  • 02:58 AM

Hi, I'm hoping someone may have some answers for me. My daughter just turned 5, Dec. 22. She is normally a very healthy, active child. I have 3 other daughters and none of them have had any of this, except for maybe some sniffles. I'm thinking if it is some weird virus that they would be ill too.
Here is a time line I made up for the doctor, as we ended up seeing 4 so far from going to emergency & my family doctor.

Dec. 24 - A couple red spots appeared on face, off corner of right side of mouth.

Dec. 27 - Took her into the emergency room, spots had increased to about 15 - 20. They were on lower cheeks, chin and some on front of neck. Some were very red & inflamed looking. She had no fever or any other symptoms. They were a little itchy but Chicken pox was ruled out. Doctor didn’t know the cause.

Dec. 28 - Very little appetite all day, pale & tired looking. Spots increased a little, but never left the lower cheeks, chin and front neck.

Dec. 29 - Awoke at 5 a.m. vomiting & dry heaves. Took her back into emergency room. Dry heaves lasted until about 6:30 a.m. (approx. 30 times in that timeframe) Some spots on cheeks were very large and bright red….looked infected. She seemed tired and the spots were itchy. She vomited again around noon a few times. Still no fever or other symptoms. She was admitted overnight, they ran blood and urine tests….nothing showed except white cell count in blood was slightly elevated. They put calamine on her spots and gave her pedialyte. By late evening she ate and felt better. She was released next day.

Jan. 3 - Awoke at 3 a.m. complaining of sore legs while laying down and walking. She had a fever of 102 F. I administered Tylenol and she felt better by morning. Her spots were gone but her face was dry and chapped where we put the calamine. She has started having a runny nose & sneezing symptoms for a few days.

Jan. 5 - Complained a little of a headache. Appetite decreased again…wouldn’t eat supper.

Jan. 6 - Awoke 5 a.m. again vomiting. (Approx. 4 times in ½ hour) than went back to sleep. Felt better when she woke and ate well.

Jan. 8 - She had 2 bouts of watery diarrhea. (Also looked a little foamy)

Jan. 9 (today)- Her face looks like she may have some spots coming back (small & faint looking & a little itchy) Took her into family doctor again and nothing showed out of the ordinary. He ordered blood tests for us to get done on Monday. She is complaining of being a little sore again (right side of neck, legs) She had 2 more bouts of loose bowel movements today (not watery though)

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