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My 12 year old son

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  • Posted By: jennyg
  • April 30, 2008
  • 06:21 PM

3 weeks ago, give or take, may have been four, my son told me his RIGHT side hurt. I asked how bad and he said not too much. He was fine within a day. This went on for two or three weeks until last wednesday (one week ago today) when he was sent home from school for SEVERE right side pain. We rushed him to our local ER (whom I am beginning to despise) where they did blood work, said it wasn't APPENDICITIS, and that it WAS a "tummy ache". I questioned that diagnosis but they said he could have a tummy ache for three weeks. When I got home I noticed the last page said to bring him back to the ER if he (first at the top of the list) had SEVERE right side pain! I was bewildered. I took him immediately to the pediatrician the next day. She said no, it could be an ulcer, and she went off the blood work from the ER. By Monday my son couldn't stand from the pain which had radiated from localized in the mid right side to include just beneath his ribs to his back also. So I took him back to the pediatrician because I was still miffed with the ER. The pediatrician said his spleen was now swollen. They tested for mono, it came back negative. They did a strep culture, it came back negative. (Strep A) They also did an x-ray and the x-ray said he was not constipated and his intestines looked fine. The second set of blood work said his white count was a little high but not bad. The next day the nurse called me and told me he IS positive for a different strain of strep. But that still didn't explain the swollen spleen. His throat is also bleeding. They started him on Augmentin, which I'm still a little nervous about the fact that his spleen is swollen/enlarged. Last night due to the bleeding throat (my son doesnt have tonsils anymore because he USED to get strep like no tomorrow until he had them out, he even got Scarlet Fever and Whooping Cough). So we go up there, my son sees his friend who is blowing his nose like crazy etc. They go to the same school. We go to the examination room where a ***k of a doctor asks me, "What do you want me to do with him?" TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG! But I am nice and explain from the beginning that it all started with the right side pain etc etc etc. The doctor then tells me my son's spleen is not swollen BELOW his ribs but cant see up into the rib cage. But it is not swollen too bad. (Which is it? Not at all or a little bit?) He does another xray which comes back showing my son has gas in his intestine (was clear) and he needed to have a bowel movement. I explained to the doctor that strep is not caused from constipation. EVER. My son told the doctor that he needed to use the bathroom and he knows whats in there because he needs to go. The doctor is an inconsiderate, poor bed side mannered fool that does not LISTEN. Repeatedly my son (in passing) mentioned that hs friend was two doors down. Or the kid in the room two doors down was his friend from school. Things like that.
I called my son into school today. Again. 5th day. his throat is bleeding and he is in pain. The secretary is literally WIGGING out. The friend of my son that we saw in the ER has the SAME symptoms. The secretary is frantically searching the net as I have been doing for the last week with each new symptom etc. She tells me about the boy and my son has the phone number. I called his mom. She confirmed that the doctor is an idiot. She was also told her son's spleen is SWOLLEN/ENLARGED. Negative for mono and strep A. But probably just constipated. (this doctor is obsessed with constipation) I asked her to call me when she heard back from the doctor about if he has a different strep.
The only information I can find where a spleen is swollen and strep is found is in birds and fish. Dead birds and fish.
What is happening with my son?
PS the pediatrician that was seeing my son, is now out sick. I'm desperate. :confused:

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