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multiple medical conditions - please help

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  • Posted By: dancefanatic
  • April 19, 2008
  • 03:01 AM

In May of 2007, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, IBS and a mild hiatal hernia. Since NONE of the medications in the U.S. or Canada worked for me, the doctors started digging further - I was having other symptoms too (i.e. numbness,tingling and shock sensations in my legs and feet). While performing an MRI (looking for multiple sclerosis) we found a benign mixed tumor in the parotid gland region (not in the parotid gland) - we also found two small lesions in my left caudate nucleus and inflammation of the c6 and c7. My neurologist thought that the lesions of the left caudate nucleus were artifactual and was not concerned as to the inflammation of the c6 and c7. At the time he was more concerned with the mass - understandably so. March 12, 2008 I had the tumor removed. Prior to the surgery I was also having intermittent blurred vision in both eyes and dryness. I saw the eye doctor and he said everything looked fine. My eyes were a little dry so he gave me some lubricating drops. Well, I had to go back because approximately two weeks after surgery, the vision in my left eye become constantly blurry - no real discomfort, just blurry - saw the eye doctor and diagnosed superficial punctate keratitis - gave me antibiotic and steroid drops and lubricating drops with no preservatives. three days later he saw me again for a follow up. Now both eyes are blurry (left eye constant, right eye intermittent) and no improvement in the corneas. Sent me to Opthamologist that same day. I was told to quit the antibiotic and steriod drops, continue with lubrication and that this is a chronic condition not an infection - he will be doing more tests next week for possible eye tumor - I am also being referred back to the neurologist for severe headaches (not migraines) continuously with no relief from pain medications. The gastroparesis is still there and so is the tingling, burning and shock sensations in my legs and feet. I was put on .5 xanax to help me sleep because of these sensations and it was working well until this week - same week eye problem got worse. HELP!!!
they are also sending me to a rheumatologist in may - will they be able to look at the whole picture instead of bouncing me around back and forth between doctors??? this has all happened within the past year - it has to be related somehow. I should also add that the parotid tumor was on my left side, I have had a cyst removed from my left breast (1997) and a cyst removed from my left wrist (1998). Also in 1996 I was diagnosed with HPV and precancerous cells on my cervix - my paps have been clean since 1999. My surgery for the tumor went well and recovery is almost complete except for some facial weakness - which we expect to go away in the next few months. I would appreciate anything you could offer. thank you.

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