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Multiple illnesses at once? Please help!

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  • Posted By: Plastikfear
  • November 28, 2008
  • 11:02 PM

Ok, I am stumped. A few weeks ago I came down with flu-like symptoms. Initially I started feeling the tell-tale sign of the flu: The creepy-crawly sensitive skin, mostly on my back, where it is uncomfortable to wear clothing or touch anything. Then I started getting a really bad dull, achy headache. Soon severe myalgia and fever followed. The fever would intermittently break and I would get extreme chills. This cycle was about every 10-15 minutes for 2 days straight. Chills then fever accompanied by intense sweating. I would be so very hot. I had no congestion, cough, or runny nose. My left lymph node became swollen to the size of a small egg. on that same side in my mouth, my tonsil swelled up and I had white patches, usually indicative of strep throat. My gums started to swell, however, and after the majority of the flu symptoms died down I started getting white painful mouth sores. During this time I still had the fever/chill cycles. I tested my temperature twice and each time it said 104ยบ F, so i went to my doctor.

They did a swab of my throat which tested positive of strep so they gave me antiobiotics. After about 5 days the symptoms had not changed so I called my doctor back. The nurse told me the lab results tested negative for strep; there had been a mix-up, and to discontinue the antibiotics, which I did. The doctor called in a prescirption of oral lidocaine to swish to help ease the mouth pain.

After the fever/chills went away, as well as the swollen tonsil, I still had the white mouth sores, swollen gums, mucous in my gums, and then, suddenly the area behind my wisdom teeth (yes I still have them - the dentist had told me I did not need to get them removed because there was enough room for them in my mouth and they were growing in straight... I'm 29 and have had them all grown in since I was 23) was suddenly swollen and the gums started *peeling back* from the back part of my wisdom teeth, to reveal very large gaps or holes behind the teeth.

I couldn't eat, my mouth hurt so bad. I had not eaten in about a week, literally. I had minimal fluids (because even that hurt) so I became pretty dehydrated and lost 6 lbs in that week. I'm now underweight (but can fit into old jeans, yay?). After a while, I needed to swish lidocaine less and less in my mouth, however the lidociane never worked on the area behind my wisdom teeth, just the white sores.

I am fine now, everything is great.. except that area behind my teeth is still slightly swollen, and though the holes have gotten smaller, they are still there. It is the weirdest thing, I wish I could get a good picture of it.

Anyone have any idea what I had/have? I've been going all over the internet trying to figure it out.. I am still clueless.

On a side note, my girlfriend whom I live with now has a strange mystery rash on her face and forehead... she developed it approximately 6 days after the majority of my symptoms went away. It could be unrelated but I figured it was worth mentioning.

My doctor said "it could be any number of things, but you could have had multiple viruses at once." that is all she could offer up as an explanation, but I really want to know what was wrong with me.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!!

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