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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 15, 2007
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I am a 25 year old woman. I have had strange symptoms beginning when i was about 12 years old. I have tried to bring these up with doctors and after a couple blood tests they usual tell me everything is within normal limits and not to worry. Im healthy.

Beginning when i was young i would go through periods when i was lathergic and just couldnt find the energy to do anything. My mother would take me in for a test for Mono and it would come back negitive. I would get a pat on the back and gradually my energy would return to normal. This was a twice or three time a year occurance.

The first time a joint swelled up without reason i was 12. My knee became suddenly black and blue and swelled up. I was told it was, while more typical in boys, a perfectly normal symptom of growth spurts. I was growing like a weed so no worries. Every once in a while a wrist or knees would swell up and be black and blue but i didnt worry, still growing right?

Until puberty around 13 years old i was tall and skinny for my age. HUGE appetite. After puberty it all seemed to go to my chest and i quickly became the shortest and chubbiest in my class. I stopped growing but the strange and random swelling did not and indeed has not. My appetite is still a fight to control.

Also around this time SEVERE stumach cramps began, i would call it colic. Complete silence and alot of gas pressure. It leaves me in the fetal position, unable to stretch out, until i finally vomit mostly undigested food. Once in a while it will just release without vomiting but its not too often i get that lucky. The most severe round of this lasted 5 days, just as i was getting ready to go the emergency room i threw up and it was all good again. Most often it last between 6 and 12 hours. Happens anywhere from twice a year to once a month. I cant find anything to connect with an episode other then it is more lickly to occur if i eat at a strange time, such as eating at a party after 10pm

In general i would say i am excessively gasey.

Other symptoms: I have extreme joint discomfort, pinky finger on right hand has curved at the knuckle, extreme lower back pain, spasms and localized swelling around the nerve in my back, pain in hips, tingling-numbness in arms-hands-legs-knees-feet, difficulty sleeping, itching of the anus, cronic canker sores (up to 12 at once- always at least one at any given time)....

I give this list to a doctor and they pat me on the head and send me home. I tried bringing up Celiac Disease but was told i couldnt have that because i am chubby (doesnt matter what diet or how much exercise i do, always on the chubby side) and people with Celiac are thin due to body's poor absorbtion of nutrients.

If there is anyone with a suggestion, other then i am neurotic, i would love some help. I am also living in Sweden which has a fantastic health care system but is EXTREMELY difficult to break through to and convince someone you do have something that needs to be investigated.

Thankyou for reading this, I do hope someone can help!


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