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MRSA/Spider bit/ Skin issues

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  • March 20, 2008
  • 04:56 PM

First off, sorry this will be long. I am at a lost and looking for info.

The end of Jan I found a bruise like spot on my butt, didn't hurt or Itch. Figured was a bruise. Within weeks I ended up with hickey like spots on my lower half of my body. Don't hurt or itch. I went to a walk in clinic and they drew blood. Everything came back normal. I than went to a dermatologist. This office gave me a steriod cream to use. Did nothing. So I went to a Dr office and they did a biopsy. Results suggested a form of Rosea. Took that info back to dermatologist and they don't agree. So had a 2nd biopsy. Results should be back today.

Well, while this is going on. Sunday the 9th I thought I had been bitten by something. I waited a week to go to the doctor. The pain was just so bad and it was moving up my arm. So I went to the Dr Monday of this week. They gave me some meds, steriods and antibo. They also did a coulture. Waiting for that to come back. Arm looks better. No longer need pain meds, but the wound looks bad and infected. Lots of bright green.

So this morning I had an apt at a 2nd dermatologist for an opinion on my hickey like spots on my body, first thing out her mouth is MRSA, I showed her my "Spider bite" and she said she believes I have MRSA, and was not bitten by a spider. I also went on to tell her that I have had a runny nose since the spots showed up back in Jan. Nice pretty green and yellowish snot. Sorry if to much info. She gives me a list of meds and tells me to let her know what my culture from the wound shows. Well thats not back. They also have known giving me my Third biopsy in about a month. This time deeper and now stitches.

Same day, I go into the Dr office to have them check on my arm. I tell them the derm just told me to stop using the anitbio. That he gave me for the bite and was told to use the new ones to treat the MRSA. Well my doctor doesn't agree. Thinks its a bite and has no clue about about the spots on me.

Says will need to wait for culture, hope to have today or tomorrow. Said if MRSA, they would be putting me in the hospital.

So I am not lost as what to do. One Dr saying stop taking meds for "spiderbite" and start using for MRSA, other Dr says use meds for spider bite and don't worry about the MRSA until the coulture is back. Could be next week, but hoping today or tomorrow.

So which DR do I listen to. I called back the derma and they told me I need to make a choice. But I am not a DR. Why Can two DR's tell me two things and somehow I am the ones that needs to figure it out.

I feel so lost and annoyed.

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