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More than just an upset stomach

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  • Posted By: thesagem
  • January 22, 2009
  • 03:44 PM

Let me cut to the chase. I'm an 18 year old male. The reason I'm asking the internet why I'm sick is that my area (near DC) has almost no decent doctors. There is only one good one that works in the urgent care unit near my house (only on Tuesdays!). Though my problems have only started being serious today, I've learned that waiting is not a good idea.

When I was very little (til around age 7?) I' always had problems with my digestive system. When my mom first weaned me I had problems digesting food and had such a hard time passing stool that my face turned blue. After several tries with soy my mom finally found a good doctor who told her to give me prune juice, which cured me. I frequently had stomach aches which often led to vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation (having diarrhea and vomiting at the same time was not very fun). I guess you could say I sorta outgrew this, but from time to time I have problems going to the bathroom (I have to strain to crap or it burns a little when I pee).

When I entered the 6th grade, I started to attend a private school in DC. I had to ride the metro every morning. I think being exposed to such an unhealthy environment when I had a really weak immune system wasn't good. I started having sore throats and strep a lot. I changed schools last year

5 years ago, I had an extreme episode of random pain. You know that feeling when you're dizzy? It's like that but 10 times worse.

3 years ago I had a fever of 102 degrees sometime during the winter. It lasted for around an hour. My mom took me to the ER and after waiting for 6 hours left (apparently a sore throat has priority over a very high fever). I don't believe I suffered any severe brain damage. Over the summer I had another sore throat episode that lasted for a whole month. I didn't respond to any treatments nor did I test positive for anything. I could barely talk most of the time. It mysteriously went away.

2 years ago I had a weird incident when I randomly fainted. It happened the first day of Easter break (can't remember the exact date). I had an MRI and an EEG, and nothing came up.

Over the last year I've had bronchitis twice. My gastrointestinal problems have also started to happen more often. It also hurts sometimes after I ejaculate (I am not sexually active yet, though I do have herpes). I also had some problems sleeping at night due to an irregular sleeping schedule (thank you redundant homework). I never really gave any of these things much thought, nor did I really worry that much until very recently.

Last thursday night, I experienced a sensation similar to the one I had 5 years ago where I felt extremely dizzy. This time, I felt like I was actually going to throw up (5 years ago I simply felt very nauseous). Though stuff did come up my mouth, I forced myself to swallow it back down. I did feel a little uncomfortable earlier, but I did not expect such a strong feeling of pain. After four hours of being unable to sleep I had a sudden urge to stretch and when I did, I felt relieved of most of my pain. I still felt a little weird over the next couple of days, but I thought I was getting better. The last two nights I felt pretty bad (but nowhere near as bad as Thursday). I noticed that I was really sensitive to the cold (moreso than I normally am). I was literally shivering after just being in my garage for 5 minutes to put up Christmas lights. I decided to go to school today anyways.

I felt pretty crappy when I woke up. I checked my stomach and I noticed it was pretty hard. I felt this weird bump on my right side a little bit under the rib cage. When I went to school, things were going fine, save for a little pain in my stomach, until I started feeling numb in my right leg. I thought my leg fell asleep and started rubbing it. The feeling then spread to my right arm. It felt very weak and was bad enough that I could not sign my name onto the papers to release me from school. This really scared me. On the way to the Urgent care unit, I felt more and more nauseous. There the doctor checked me out.

When she examined and touched the lower right side of my abdomen I had a very sharp pain. She thought I had appendicitis or a very bad case of constipation (I had problems passing stool the last couple of days). My right arm continued to get worse, though my leg was almost normal (the leg hasn't fully healed yet). We went to the er and they did a CT scan and found there was no need for an appendectomy. What was really weird is that when the doctor at the er examined me, I had felt no pain at all. I did have a bm so the pain may have been from the constipation. They discharged me after that without even trying to find what was wrong with me (apparently they tested me for everything that could kill me???).

My arm has switched on and off since my first feeling of numbness in it and it has started spreading into my other arm. I am barely able to play the piano, and I type much slower now (esp. with my right hand). The right side of my face also feels a little numb (for about an hour now). I have had a weird taste in my mouth since I was on my way to the er. My stomach still feels crappy tonight and I don't want to go to school tomorrow just to make my mom come pick me up again.

Other stuff I think may be important (this all happened when I considered myself healthy): I swim almost daily now (for about 1 1/2 months). After January I will start working out at the gym again. I do feel sick sometimes after doing the aforementioned (especially after drinking too much poolwater by accident) but I always get better. I would bm normal stool 2-3 times a day and I would go number 1 almost every hour when I was at home (I also drank a lot of water and never went to the bathroom at school due to not wanting to get yelled at by teachers). Though I have a lot of stuff to deal with in my life, I consider myself happy. My mom (single mother) and I have a very close relationship and we get along very well. I have decent hobbies and a few friends. Never saw the point of doing drugs or alcohol (really I don't, I wouldn't be here otherwise).

I'm sorry this is such a long post, but I really want somebody to help me... I don't want to run my mom through any more tests since she has her own health to worry about as well as my grandmother's (who had? cancer). After being practically ignored at the hospital today and seeing the way doctor's have treated my other family members, I decided to do some of my own research and ask you guys for help. I feel that all my symptoms have to be related somehow since they always disappear and then crop up again.

I posted this originally last night but it never went through.

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