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  • Posted By: cosmos
  • July 13, 2008
  • 03:02 AM

I'll start from the beginning.

In high school, I had attempted suicide and was diagnosed with depression. For two years I was prescribed Paxil before I eventually decided to be weaned off of the medication. The next few years went fine. I was rarely, if ever, more depressed than normally and when I was I was sure to find someone to talk to about it without resorting to what I had done in the past.

Since I am trying to include everything, I should mention that, since some time last year, perhaps November, I have no had a menstrual cycle (save for in April). I thought little of it, stupidly, because I am overweight and have heard when women become overweight or obese that sometimes their menstrual cycles stop suddenly. The one time I did have one was this past April, as I have said, and that was because I had gone to the gynecologist and had been given hormones to start one. Since that last one, I still do not have them regularly.

My trouble started in March, however. One morning, around eight, I still hadn't gone to bed because I was typically someone who slept all day and stayed up late at night. I started having palpitations and chest pains and called 911. At the hospital they told me there was nothing visibly wrong with my heart, the EKG was normal, and they prescribed 25mg of Atenolol, which I still take to this day. They set up an appointment with a cardiologist, and after a few more hospital trips and trouble breathing, I had tests done and they've said there's nothing wrong with my heart (and that I didn't have mitrol valve prolapse, as we had thought). So I got an appointment with my old psychiatrist, and was given an SSRI by my doctor.

It didn't take more than a few days before the SSRI seemed to make my attacks worse. One day I started having them pretty regular, back to back, and had trouble breathing. So I went to urgent care and was given Ativan. And in all my subsequent trips I've been given Xanax, Kolonopin, and another whose name I can't remember. Needless to say, each seemed to offer little relief, and actually seemed to make the symptoms worse.

I also wound up being told I had a UTI and was given a host of antibiotics that haven't helped the pain I often get in my pelvis and lower back.

After describing the experiences to my doctor, and telling her about my absent cycle, she had me take a twenty-four hour urine test which, according to her, said that my dopamine levels were low. So we've scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist, but another doctor (the offices I've been going to have been having a shortage) had me take another test, because he's convinced I may have Cushing's Syndrome. I've done the test, but I'm waiting for an appointment for the ultrasound.

My current problem is that recently, within the past few weeks, I've had more and more trouble sleeping. When I try to sleep, I'm made more aware of my heartbeat, which seems to make me anxious. I also tend to have frequent stomach pains, hot flashes, and chest pain, but without palpitations, coupled with the pelvic/back pain. Lately I've noticed that during the day I constantly feel weak, almost as though I may pass out at any moment, my vision is blurred and sometimes I even see spots. Sometimes I'll get a little relief from burping when I have the chest pain, but rarely. I'm also getting random, sudden pains in my chest that feel like a sort of tightening, if that makes any sense. Anything I eat is reacted to negatively by my body, whether it be stomach pain or nausea diarrhea. What I mean to say is I don't think Cushing's is the proper diagnosis, and I'm not sure if this is merely anxiety. Any help?

The short list of it, since I've typed an eyeful, and I'm still missing out on things I've experienced:
- frequent severe and sudden pains in pelvis/lower back
- occasional trouble breathing
- chest/throat pain without palpitations
- constant weakness/lightheadedness
- blurred vision/seeing spots
- hot flashes
- spot headaches
- fatigue
- sudden, painful tightness in chest that lasts for a few seconds and happens at least three times a day, randomly
- nausea
- no menstrual cycles
- gastrointestinal problems/negative reactions to any/all food
- taking 25mg Atenolol daily
- normal ekg tests, no high blood pressure, normal echocardiogram, 24-hour urine test suggests low level hormones, normal thyroid tests

I'm really just sick of everyone telling me oh, it's just anxiety. I rarely eat because I know that anything that passes my lips will upset my system, and it takes a good five hours before I finally drift off to sleep. I get more than enough sleep and yet I always feel tired and like I'll faint at any moment, and I'm worried about that happening when I'm home alone.

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