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Mis-diagnosed twice now...

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  • Posted By: kaysea
  • November 21, 2006
  • 10:42 PM

1 month ago I was sitting down and started to feel my heart kind of speed up. Then a couple hours later I felt serious pressure in my chest. I thought nothing of it since I figured it was a virus since it had been going around. It didn't go away for two days straight. I thought maybe it was anxiety or stress so I had rested for the entire weekend, but with the pressure only getting worse in my chest. I decided to go to the walk in clinic (everyone said go to the ER but I figured it was some sort of anxiety attack) When I got to the walk in ..just standing was exhausting for me. I was getting very tired fast. They took me right in and in my left arm they checked for a pulse but couldn't get a regular heart rate and in my right arm was 89. They hurried up and gave me an EKG thinking something was seriously wrong, but that came out normal. The doctor ordered blood test and said that it was "probably anemia or thyroid problem" so I settled on that and waited for the results. 5 days later I called to get the results and they said I was fine and there was nothing more they could do. At this point I was getting sharp stabbing pains in my heart (or what felt like my heart) and the pressure was very intesnse. Talking was making me want to pass out. I went to the ER that night and they took an EKG that came out fine (like I figured because the other one did) and they said it was heartburn (although I showed no symptoms of it being heartburn) I took Protonix at the highest dosage for over a week. When that didn't help and I was waking up in the night with chest pains and very fast heart rate (Felt like it was jumping out of my chest) I made an appointment with my regular doctor-it took a week to get in. Finally get in and he ran an EKG again...and it was fine, then he listened and noticed my heart rate at resting was 96 and when I stood up it jump to 110 and stayed there. He said he heard a heart murmur that was loud and a "click" and said that it was MVP but had to have it confirmed through an Echo. I had the Echo yesterday and the guy that did it said I was fine..the report saw nothing. He said I might as well not even see the Cardiologist because they will tell me the same thing...he informed me to cut out caffiene, change my diet, and take heart burn pills (everything I had done a month ago) He said he didn't know what to tell me...I have kept my appt for a week from now, but it is to the point where I think I am going crazy.I still get the fast heart rate...I want to sleep literally all the time...I feel weak, I am on anxiety pills which takes most of the chest pressure away. I still have sharp pain in my heart area that extends up into my left shoulder and a constant feeling that my heart is racing..I am at my wits end...am I loosing my mind???? Am I the only one who thinks that these stabbing pains and constant fast heart rate is a sign of SOMETHING? :confused: I don't care if it is minor or serious, I am just dying for a diagnosis..

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